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Man is suspected by excessive penis “crotch bomb” total was searched by plane

According to the Finn, male enhancement put post: each time he came to the airport on the plane, because a suspicious objects crotch long outstanding, Top male enhancement reviews always make to security personnel searched, the last touch just know is a false alarm, the reason he gifted, supports global longest penis. best male enhancement reviews The New York people forset Ken (Jonah Falcon chart) last week in San Francisco airport on the plane, “burden” crotch, make the transportation security administration clerk suspected that he was a terrorist organization sent to “crotch bomb”. Forset Ken seeing wrong, but one that’s his prior make public “little brother”, but failed to make security personnel clearing up doubts, but accept pat physical. “When they searched by hand around the penis pat confirmation, even special powder on the pants on whether the test, I feel very funny explosives.”

“A member of staff or even asked: if you just used strong sun drugs?” Forset Ken smile said. He gifted, the penis 9 inches long (22.86 cm), erection for 13.5 “more (34.29 cm). To avoid again by airport security personnel misunderstanding, he plans to the next plane to wear pants bikes and let them see that is the crotch Othello, is not a bomb.

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