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Man after getting married of “ugly wife” mentality

Men are mostly lewd of animals, male enhancement pills like a beautiful girl. But it’s been married, but they don’t want to praise his wife is beautiful, sometimes may discontent. Men after all want to what?

Small as is a beautiful girl, when single pursuers much, best male enhancement eventually she chose offered by slick salespeople big lee, because every time he can always said little as the heart TianSiSi, feel especially valued. Marriage can be small as found, best male enhancement pills the husband rarely then praised his looks temperament, often to dress up the sunshine she turn a blind eye, for she often buy clothes, cosmetics also disapprove. Small as looked puzzled, isn’t he doesn’t love?

In fact, small as worries some cross. As is known to all, men are mostly lewd of animals, like a beautiful girl. But it’s been married, but they don’t want to praise his wife is beautiful, sometimes may discontent: “are married, dress up so beautiful?”

Man’s sense of security in the way

The mood is very common man, can be summed up in their “ugly wife psychological”. Generally speaking, young and beautiful girl to men more attractive, it is a kind of evolutionary genetic. In addition, to catch up with beautiful women who are “face”, and also plays a role of vanity. So, they’ll spend a lot of time to pursue beautiful girl, praised their beautiful, and even generous buying clothes, etc to please them. At this time the man standing in the Angle of appreciators, think a woman is like a delicate artwork, pleasing to the eye, of enormous charm and glamour.

However, the man once the beautiful girl to marry home, vanity of satisfied, security will rise for the leading position, and intends to light is a blessing. People say “the home has the triple gem, ugly wife setting broken quilted jacket”, and no one had, is to have security. “A glass of wine can be melancholy, ugly woman can hoary head”, these out.this common saying also explained in the same way.

Married men more realistic

After marriage, a man to his wife dressed up for psychological will produce the subtle changes. As the advantages of before marriage has become shortcomings, change is not act, but psychological.

But the man often be afraid to admit that his own fears and fragile. When they feel insecure, and rarely and wife frank communication for secure guarantee. Instead, they use a ignored, dissatisfaction and even blame the attitude of treating his wife, hope she no longer conspicuous.

In addition, married man by romantic into reality, more consideration to the household spending, this also be they stop wife dressed up to spend a lot of money in a reason. Moreover, in men, it seems, a married also can’t calm down to xiangfujiaozi wife, ultimately, not too conforms to the standard of wife and mother.

“The beautiful wife” can also get old

But, you know, a let a man without any pressure of woman, will only let a man tired, moreover, the woman necessary modified dress up also favorable physical and mental health and develop confidence. Therefore, the woman should have certain of judgment and autonomy, for her husband’s opinions don’t blindly fight or subject, can take time and he talk about, know him real ideas. If in order to avoid conflicts servile to her husband, not only undermines self-esteem, also can make the relationship between husband and wife to superficial, lack of sincerity of understanding and communication.

And if the husband can express real brave ideas, and don’t hide your vulnerability, will get more sincere return, beautiful wife can still “safe”.

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