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Love psychology: men flower heart is a hopeless disease(C)

Midlife crisis is “flower” catalyst
NiZhen in break up letter said,male enhancement had “midlife crisis,” he’s looking for a new relationship, may be to want to prove he is still the strong performance.
Psychology found that a middle age, is an important stage of the new self evaluation. In middle age, deep always to his “I have a chance to it-” “I can?-” if career marked time,male enhancement pills reviews youth could catch up with and even more than they gradually, the in the mind will be not the taste, self value to start shaking; If the life again wrong place, can accentuate more self-doubt and loss, and fall into the depressed.
NiZhen career,natural male enhancement pills has been the twists and turns and heavy, “YES!” Business, the staff took less than salary, are often the door dunning; He when the health magazine editor “vitality” can’t duly published, and sales have not ideal; Always have “wit,” said he, work in psychology text that people in midlife crisis, always don’t consciously and look for the new breakthrough to sure of your value, seek new meaning of life. And NiZhen new love, in the subconscious, could have a breakthrough in the mean.
Moral accomplishment and control “flower heart”
From a psychological point of view, the man “flower” has its physiological and psychological roots, that is, everyone will tell from nature have this condition, but in the process of socialization, people will gradually be conform to social norms and the moral factors that assimilation, it is said, character and the moral is can control the man “promiscuous”.
America’s a psychology study testing, when asked “do you expect in a lifetime several lover-“, the average man answer is ShiBaJiuGe, but a woman’s answer is four or five. That is, “flower heart” is a relatively common psychological and physiological phenomenon, but why a lot of people have ZeiXin no thief bravery, and society “deviant” and not common phenomenon is that moral accomplishment?-the power.

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