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Love psychology: men flower heart is a hopeless disease(B)

Low self-worth, male enhancement if hard to get a sense of achievement through normal channels, it is very possible through the other side door heresy way, such as NiZhen after female way, make a point of matter, best natural male enhancement to attract people to his attention.
2. Desire to conquer and protection
The nature of man, because of the role of the male hormone, best natural male enhancement pills is the desire to conquer others, protect the weak. If he is weak, the “protection” is a woman, that his subconscious, certain lurk moment to break free of the strength of salvation palm.
As the growth of the age, with the constantly to mature, as a man, NiZhen began to be a strong, and the protection of the antipathy others. Conquer the new girl, be little girl worship, gave his own is a huge psychology satisfied.
3. Some “flower heart” is in fact mental illness
Psychologists summarizes the “flower heart” the person’s psychology has the following kinds of reasons: he (she) or a child not given proper protection, painstaking care and selfless love. But with “the name of love false love”, such as the control, possession, jealousy.
A. flower heart of the person heart is empty, like A magnetic force no end of A black hole, constantly need external things or something to fill, but always also fill in the discontent. And a man’s status, money, fame is not high, but these external conditions will create more opportunities to constantly substitute.
B. flower heart of the people may not know oneself after all what to want-no safety for the future full of worries.
C. flower heart of the people lack of confidence and self-esteem feeling, lack of inner strength.
D. flower heart of the people don’t want to take the responsibility to others, to escape behavior, continue to transform is another kind of escape.
E. flower heart of the people always want more praise, respect, recognition and affirmation.
F. flower heart of the people what all want to get, and would not put down, keep chasing so-called “better”.
G. flower heart of the people in the psychological no “DuanRu”, no cut and his parents’ “spirit umbilical cord”, is not the finished the growth of psychological age, become a truly independent psychological maturity.
H. flower heart of the people with mental illness, because in the original ecological family of childhood trauma once did not get timely treatment, it is often ignored by the parents and family of psychological erroneous zone. These trauma has been accompanied by flower heart of the people, rely on such behavior defense way, let yourself for false confidence and dignity, and, with a more and more and more hard thick metal mask in the river of life but, lost to walk.

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