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Love psychology: men flower heart is a hopeless disease(A)

Minimal love only one and a half years
Psychology research found that minimal love only 18 months.male enhancement pills NiZhen no love for zhou huimin, nature will have love for others.
Neuroendocrinology found that men and women love, is the three by the brain chemical dopamine, benzene procedures and leaf oxytocin after stir up. top male enhancement reviews When men and women first have love, best male enhancement reviews these three kinds of chemicals and the molten mess, let a person heart rate, sweaty palms, the passion, upbeat and joyous, unable to stop.
But, after a period of time, it won’t appear to increase heart beats, sweaty palms phenomenon, and, at the time of each other, less than originally; Embrace of strength, will than originally small. This is why-because with the passage of time, the people in the three on that gradually chemical substances, produce a kind of resistance to fresh meat of antibody; After period of time, the three kinds of chemical material role will disappear, the freshness of between men and women will gradually disappear, then instead of emotion blends.
“Flower heart” is more psychological problems
“Flower” surface looks like and moral relevant, but if the essential reason for the formation of behavior that he (she) of the family in the original ecological bring up the person, the attitude of the parents, the emotion and the relevant behavior.
1. Eager to be attention
In the psychological consultation in practice, often find and don’t know the education of parents, “tiger father”, cultivate “a”. Because my father was excellent, he will naturally have higher expectations of son; Because he is too good, he generally not easily praise children. In this way, children in childhood, unfortunately lost his father-the self-worth in the process of building, the most important objective evaluation, it makes no matter how children in the eyes looking stranger, but the inner self-worth is low.
If a man fall into “love” in, love hormone impulse, a simple, passionate mind; But, if is a married man, or as NiZhen that has promise, the brain to “the disadvantages” positive feedback mechanism will start immediately, make sense of responsibility, moral power, in order to curb love hormone, let a person return to reason.
NiZhen are “simplicity” committed to “wrong”, it is because the moral is not enough, the psychological as to produce enough energy to the impulse to restrain the lust of it.

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