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Lonely intolerable I have three nights macho man at high tide(A)

My husband and I in their sex life is harmonious. best natural male enhancement pills He ratio I big five years old, all natural male enhancement he entered the forty years old of sex requirement after light many, but, first is is the happy. Husband work composed, brilliant and funny… I took a photo of that will collect into the drawer, the in the mind silently said to her husband, the heart still belongs to you, though the body temporarily to the autumn wei. best male enhancement I hope this is a kind of can be resolved.
The first time I and autumn wei in “dream nest” joyous love is in the spring of last year. “The dream nest” front of the covered way open yellow the jasminum nudiflorum, we first champagne tryst.
I don’t appear old flame, and young autumn wei appearing again a few minutes mature, we embrace together, I feel cheerful, heart quiver, that is love and not words… My in the mind dependable, my money is not white, autumn wei is a strong man! Although these ideas some petti-ness, but person in privately think so often easily.
Autumn wei will body naked out, I saw his dark skin and thick hair. His muscle is very strong, I like touch to steel, seem to be able to put my hand to bounce back. Autumn wei knee is still sticking with a large piece of tape, that is in football when leaving a gallop wounds. The piece of white tape the most effectively aroused my flesh.
Time went by, and the second year summer arrived, is my husband go abroad came back, and I broke up with cho wei. I don’t want to ruin any man for his own family. This is one of the LieGenXing, I hate cannot avoid custom.
I therefore panicky, but I could see that, but seems more and more relaxed autumn wei, my heart is not the taste, finally unbearable to ask cho wei, our relationship is coming to an end, isn’t it feel relieved many.
Autumn wei sincerely said, he didn’t want to cheat me, our relationship can only in the darkness of night keep at least one. I won’t and he has the results, he would not accompany me for life. I say, have the feelings of solvent, it won’t…… Have some psychological a knot in one’s heart, the quality of sex is not high, both of us seems to become a stranger.
Finally ushered in the last tryst, make love, the tired I lie on the bed, holding the autumn wei’s face, can not help shed tears. For more than a year, autumn wei after all and keep me company for more than a year. Now, is the time of break up, have a heart of many words, just don’t speak of.
I told cho wei, if he likes “dream nest”, I would give him a permanent rent it. Autumn wei said, without you, “the dream nest” has no sense, and he himself also in another city find jobs. So of final outcome also to my satisfaction, although I can’t know autumn wei is true or false hearts, at least is full of emotional separation.
But, in my will rose to leave, but in the bedside found a woman hairpin, I almost didn’t surprised fainted. I won’t admit, it hairpin is my neighbor Mrs. Chen, she and me together in the tax-free store to buy, my heart like a drop on a QianKuai, desperate to sinking.
Autumn wei despise ground smiled

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