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London Olympic village 5 days out 150000 condoms

According to Japanese media reports, male enhancement pills London Olympic Games is just beginning to the fifth day,Best male enhancement reviews the Olympic village has to expose 150000 free condoms has nearly ran out, is at a “supply nervous” of the state. For the Olympic village provides Best natural male enhancement pills the durex condoms company is now preparing to additional supply. Th media said this, the night in the Olympic village and held a grand “games”. The London Olympic Games the number of condoms as high as 150000, gen of history of the most. But even so, the Olympic Games opening but five days, 150000 condoms had “demand”. Japanese media think, if only to number to calculate, 150000 condoms per capita will share more than 15 condoms, no matter how to say five days also use of too quick? Suppliers of durex said: “the condoms as souvenirs and players take back. But not look down upon the world’s top players strength.”

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