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Like married him for many years

· is a like man ignored,male enhancement pills was a jealous woman contempt, and more sad than I a woman? · his money, and he used to exchange for happiness in the money also my pay!!!!! He got the freedom and love, I do, I got??????? · sometimes see the mirror of oneself, use again good cosmetics, buy again good clothes and have what use? Female to yue oneself person let, let me for who?

He is my “master”.male enhancement reviews I graduated from the university, to his own department,natural male enhancement he is to take my teacher, I call him “master”.

He graduated from the school, the thought is agile, is the department technology backbone. When he but 30 years of age, and have been married for several years. He read earlier than the ordinary people, and even jump two level, so work early, a family also early. It is said that he entered the unit took a fancy to let wishing every happiness will always. Than wishing every happiness will always two years, looks a bit serious, is that not too close to the woman.

Master though already is a 3 years old the child’s father, but looks like a child, a class he were not eager to go home, like in the office with many not married colleagues playing bridge, play chess.

And always in everybody wishing every happiness will always had the most happy, a stiff face appeared in the office, he’s always going to like a obedient baby was her away.

Listen to the unit colleague said early, is a very able, very wishing every happiness will always fierce woman, in many people to wealth is not what concept, she would buy subscribe card to do a stock. She a high school graduates earn money, than to graduate from the university of his many several times, this contributed to her in the home of momentum. Teacher seems to have been meticulous care of her, but doesn’t necessarily like looked so happy, together with him, I can see in his loneliness and helpless.

Teacher is that very handsome man, and a bright and cheerful disposition, humor, as long as not wishing every happiness will always appear, he always appears particularly interesting happy, very popular. Working with him after I just know, people can really is so different. His three words of advice, can put the question said very clearly, and his beginning ability especially strong, his heart with things with special trust, is both lighthearted and learn to get something.

To master the women around wishing every happiness will always don’t like very much, appear very to be suspicious. But, she told me but very good, probably think yellow yellow thin thin like me, absolutely no threat maybe. Be like a man to ignore, was a jealous woman contempt, and more sad than I a woman?

In fact, the first time I see teacher, I fall in love with him. In his advice I see drawings, he taught me to play chess, together we won in play opponents, he tapped me on the shoulder with a loud voice, I fall in love with him.

Speaking with me, he moving breath is at my side float, let me have a kind of want to rely on in his bosom impulse. Have you tried that no response and interaction of the taste of unrequited love? It is a kind of enjoyment, oh, just like a person in the empty stadium play squash feeling, pleasure and pain, win and lose all is one thing.

My hobbies are with most of the boy, and the boy playing together, I very much at home. Really, the only woman in love a man, we will have a strong woman consciousness, before I almost forgot my is a woman, men also took me for similar, on a business trip, climbing up and down do engineering, under the careful male colleagues will wear a hat and sunglasses, and I usually unexpected. And they think I’m a gracious, simply, like and I work together, entertainment, but they love is some other people, those who like women woman.

Teacher is no exception. Even the other women are particularly alienated from the wishing every happiness will always, also crucial to my favor, said she loved me such girls. So, I am their home one of the few female guest, their children warm called me “aunt”.

The two years, I became husband and wife two personal friends.

He speaks with a commanding wishing every happiness will always to the taste, but for his life was taken care of very thoughtful. His clothes were all her to buy, watches, belt, glasses are brand goods, is also for his chosen wishing every happiness will always. The unit will go out to travel with him the most things, from dry food to eat fruit and even to colleagues of snacks. But see, he is too much, the bundle of child care too much big are not happy. He is also sometimes in front of me complaining about her outrageous, and will also ChenGuai miraculously said wishing every happiness will always for his family not hard.

They all when I was no affection invisible!

In a teacher like to do not have self-control, I saw a and I am very professional foreign company recruitment ads. I think at the far away from him, so he went for. Through the layers of the exam, I enter the famous company. There, my business power has improved a lot, and, see many things, seem to feel mind also uncovered.

One day, the teacher call about I meet, says there is the important things to discuss with me. That night, I careful dress up he pay no attention, in that other people very much in love bars, we two people sit. More than a year, see not, and he looks and jun lang, high forehead, a primly straight nose, and even a little protruding ears and laugh a little crooked mouth, is I like.

He will say important things that it is his decision to run his own company, weigh down he felt, I was the best partner.

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