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Let the woman has proved irresistible seven kinds of “manly”

Article 1: sweat taste man-smelly

The university of Pennsylvania, male enhancement pills a human biology research report: masculine will give women bring good mood. The researchers gathered some men under your armpit sweat samples, placed within four weeks,Top male enhancement reviews and give it to a 25 years age 18 to 45 years women to smell. Best natural male enhancement pills The results found that these sweat sample make these women in a happy mood and feel spirit is loosened, effect lasts for six hours.

Woman absolutely don’t like the smell man, that makes them the most relaxed the sweat concentration ratio of very strict, they hate men smelly, also can’t stand man fragrance, and only in the white shirt of the emitted from the concentration of a few parts per thousand of mixed with heat khan gas have magical effect. Have some more will let them have a headache.

Article 2: silent man, stuffy

Gliding slowly talk, in no hurry, have answers to do and floppy, solitude, this should be a lot of women admire the most men image. High school girls of boys to attract the most basic it is like this, and general of all, zha zha the howl of boys have obvious difference, let the girl has proved irresistible.

But the men become boyfriend also expose weakness after: afraid troublesome, love the lazy, go out to buy food, home cooking, laundry bask in by all to girlfriend to do, is deep management main point, fully embodies authorized, drink a bottle of beer will open a bottle for his girlfriend, sitting on the toilet to ask where the toilet paper, self-care ability basic and children’s quite. Except work and entertainment, and he’s a little beyond personal interest, he is basically a disabled. Women in sign engagement, also be to find me a lifetime of a second career: personal secretary + full-time nanny.

Article 3: tobacco from the men–fragile

Women love men use with smoke fingers one touch of her cheek, like men smoke when drinking with silence and sadness. You can go to ask, how many women see men lit cigarettes is the moment of falling in love. Since ancient times, have bad habits came to be regarded “junkies, it serves to show bad hobby is the man’s exclusive privilege and masculine inseparable.

Now that is more masculine-looking, of course, is not treated alcohol and tobacco, something no matter, all want to take out some drink, meets the friends, but also not drunk not to, regardless of the money and a healthy body, the effort for national finance tax contribution, indeed as expected is tied to the world, the very man true colors, actually is but will fragile ACTS.

Article 4: the icy man-fierce

Say to the physical condition, although stallone acting go, but he is very cool, never laughed; Although tyson will be like a woman YaoErDuo, but he was strong, visual Lou fierce light (dozen wife when also not thine hands be slack). That year of screen image bandits “ZuanShanBao” fan poured a girl, the full of masculine appearance of gas is apparently represent the claims.

China since ancient times more majestic wei leng jun male, such as lu reach, wu3 song, guan yu, zhang fei, but they are all the ancients, today want to find such a hero is not easy, full of furious “big” more is all some bang broadly waist round, the idle rich guy. In fact some evil also nothing bad, as long as the woman looked at not fear; Strong 1:00 also not bad, just in addition to explode in use of it.

Article 5: a gracious man-malicious

Although these days have no kungfu novel’s valiant but handout spirit or masculine very important aspect, only now have little need for my best Pal, really if there is, the elder brothers son a telephone come over, the woman also dare not let him go out. More masculine-looking men heaviest great-hearted, would rather not go home to accompany the elder brothers son also playing CARDS, in addition to what can bring with girlfriend friends share, make the people often make not clear here is his own family or friends of the family.

Also comes from a gracious nature, man still like to take risks, and more masculine-looking men is more like risk, if the conditions permit, he will not hesitate to left QiXiao, run to Everest, the Antarctic time, do nothing to worry about girlfriend at home to sleep. If lucky winning return, see girlfriend face gaunt and will only strange to ask: how do you like just back from hell?

Article 6: the workaholic men-cold

This article a is almost all women will like, after all ambition suggests an emphasis on more economic income, the more capacious house, more luxurious cars, more respectable dress and more comfortable life. But don’t make a mistake, it all for a more masculine-looking men as a byproduct, career success itself is he really wanted. So, he will order to cause ignore family, because of the work YeBuGuiSu trivial, women are more don’t expect with his holiday together to enjoy life. He enjoyed a career.

Article 7: pride, a male man-stupid

Men need to sense of achievement, more masculine-looking men more need of achievement. But more masculine-looking doesn’t mean that you will achieve success, so they sometimes being forced to only in other places looking for achievement, it can’t find, also don’t expel himself made a. So he likes to boast be cool, always the heavy form rather than heavy content, such as food can no meat, the do not be a bamboo, the home can no food, no car, not out, and, more important, his side can do not have a girlfriend, but if there is, the girlfriend can’t not beautiful not obedient.

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