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Let a man less secure 4 kinds of cases

Men don’t like to be “standardization” management

In the home cloth like the glamorous, with family members also very demanding. male enhancement She asked his family to have a meal of the time like the meeting, Best natural male enhancement tableware can’t make any noise. Once, she and her husband are “intimate contact”, suddenly found the table of sandwich will fall down, she quickly push the husband, rushed up to catch the sandwich, and then clean the table,Natural male enhancement pills but her husband was a face of helpless. When the doctor told her the news of her husband’s death, she first reaction is to continue to clean tableware, Natural male enhancement and well-groomed, cry, go out again. The cloth after his husband, then find a boyfriend, although the two meet her “neat standard”, but have the personality barrier killer. In a series of blow suffered after the cloth become sloppy and mania, and even often alcoholism.

Expert analysis: the cloth to in order to get others identity, to suppress their feelings, when she passed on to the bad mood man, no doubt, is very terrible.

Warm prompt: have the typical problems of women, to pay more attention to watch others family, tried to ordinary life. Thus realized and not all families spotless, and each member of well-heeled, in contrast, pursue the nature harmonious families more happiness.

In addition, many stand in the family on the position of see problems, such as more and more family chat, jokes, and can even play scenes. Cleanliness is many men to accept because a normal man won’t have too much to clean the requirements. His wife to Henry wadsworth Longfellow, think more about men life habit, the whole family in clean, under the premise of avoid asking too harsh.

The men think that his wife than big loyalty

Cover social communication than love, but she will never give in in the family and compromise. She is eager to and millionaire husband equal, in pursuit of the absolute freedom house, see a handsome boy will also heartache, and begins an affair with college students tutor. When her husband found later, she used a small means “right”. Although understanding her husband mistake, but couples from now on buried an apple of discord, husband and wife contradiction further upgrade. But it will cover the husband than a male rivals take home, let its disguised as their sexual partners. When her husband laughed it off, she would rather stark reality, this scene was the early morning is preparing to turn into her room husband see, two people to upgrade the contradiction.

Expert analysis: a lot of feminist total hope equality between men and women, when it comes to the problem of principle also errors, and even the rights trampled the man, trampled on the dignity of men. Because these women don’t realize that the family is the last man dignity territory, in the family strife, women will learn to compromise, many are afraid, don’t be self-centered, even in angry, also don’t choose one night stands or an affair as anger of capital. Because most men can stand wife lost his temper and fight, but absolutely can’t tolerate the betrayal of the female body. In this problem, the men and women has essential difference, women and men can tolerate a even many times on the body derailed, but men would not tolerate women have a such cases.

Warm prompt: this kind of women in the family strife, don’t be too selfish, also do not go to extremes, especially don’t love and reasoning, because the results of the fighting will usually allow love into a dead end. Once the family appear small friction, first, you have to find friends to chat, or look at the parents at ordinary times is how to deal with problems, fight for distracting, reduce family conflicts of the initiative control desire. The family is two people of the world, as with a treasure of handed treasured.

Men are worried about his wife than his strong everywhere

Michael knight is a tough woman, after the marriage, gave up business, brought up four children. But she still will show a strong side, have a husband boss to home a meeting, Michael knight is indifferent to join the discussion, and took her husband’s thunder. Four children grow up, she goes back to the workplace, and her husband work in the same company, but a position higher than her husband. Initiative to help her husband share the most housework, but she is often told to her husband, has hurt the heart of her husband.

Expert analysis: no matter how smart women and strong, should try my best to maintain the dignity of man, don’t hurt her husband’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Smart, successful career women more should learn to the husband often act in pettish, before the show weakness, can even ask some very simple, he can blurt out questions to ask him, give a man more confidence.

Warm prompt: a successful career women don’t think who earned less money, who should do more housework, the husband do the housework is out of love wife, so for such behavior must be more sure. In the traditional sense, men better at work, women are more good at housework, so when a man the housework is bad, do the wife must understand. Especially families with children, dad would like to and children play is very rare, like Michael knight’s husband, can do household chores, children also like to play with him, this is enough. Want to know, can be a good dad is amazing, this is even more difficult than the chairman?

Have no definite view of women make men very tired

Susan belong to the no independent women, she always in each could spark the man before the vacillation. Feeling more than the outstanding ex-husband, truly in love’s boyfriend, new acquaintances handsome doctor…… She doesn’t know who love her, more not sure she love who, even often need precocious daughter to her word. Susan has a lovely, a little bit pure, and a little silly, but her emotionally swing to myself and love but she has brought the pain. When her ex-husband requirements and spend the night she, she thought that this man in her to distraction, accepted, but then know, her former husband just and new girlfriend fight back for comfort, but she has lost her boyfriend of truly in love. Later, in the face of new acquaintances of a handsome doctor pursuit, and she can’t give up and her boyfriend’s feelings. Can say, Susan’s don’t have your own ideas for her lost life initiative. Expert analysis: this kind of women will always idealized, stylized, no real oneself, to life goal was very confused. Men are hard to know that this woman next second will be what to do, because his wife was always hesitating, this character can let husband very tired, and he shall give a lot of energy to come for his wife to decide what to do, inside short time may not have much effect, and long time of words, he will feel no family should fulfill the wife for the completely responsibility. Men at work has already tired, plus the excessive dependence on his wife, it might be possible one day to suffer.

Warm prompt: the best way to solve this problem, it is more show oneself, many friends in party situation, or some public activities cultivate and exercise his power, this can let oneself become confident, believe that their feelings and ability. In addition, must find a suitable for their career, and try to have success in the quest for business process, will become more and more assertive. In addition, many create “the masters” opportunity, can be some daily necessities small. Many will make it a class to decide what to do women firm your goal in life, enjoy higher quality life.

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