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Many people mistakenly believe that only the contact of sexual organs is normal sexual behavior, are abnormal. In fact, sexual activity covered a wide range of normal during sex oral sex is very common.


Let your man a little sitting height, your knees in front of him, raised his Yingbang emerged in his balls. Use your tongue licking up to the glans at the top from the bottom of his balls straight up. Here you can hand to help look busy. May wish to up and down, lick a few times, as is the weather in licking lollipop.

Suck (this is one of the basic skills of flute)

Containing slowly into his genitals, and not too deep, let your tongue just cover one side of his penis, lips around the glans out a little stem, Hold the remaining stem. You have several options. Try to twist around your head and let your tongue is always covering the glans expansion from the edge of your hand up and down rubbing the penis.
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May want your mouth to latch onto his genitals, if you do miss the wonderful moment when he reaches the climax. On the contrary, you may be licking his glans the outer edge of which a greater degree of stimulation of his pleasure, to enhance the energy of his climax. When you accumulated experience, you can know exactly when he will ejaculate, your actions will be more in place.male enhancement pills

You can in order to strengthen his orgasm thumb pressed with the root of the penis to prevent ejaculation, to block the semen forward channel. Although your partner have a conditioned reflex, convulsions installed to ejaculation but the semen is not a slide-out. Continue to try to suck his penis, delayed his jet. When you finally allow it to injection, you will find that that is how long and strong. Although you are only delayed for a little while, the intensity of his ejaculation, but enough to surprise you.

Butterfly vibration

Aesthetic oral sex action posture is prone to him, of course, if he is standing may also wish to kneel in front of him. Contraction of the mouth, causing the vacuum suction on his genitals, enough suction mouth to his genitals slowly to introduce you, your lips tightly around live his swollen glans and the stem, gently provoking tongue cutting-edge of his glans. Lips up and down swing. A few minutes later, and back to the vacuum sucking, repetitive movements.


But the two can enhance your partner feeling of some kind. First hold his penis, tongue licking testicles gradually cause the testicles entirely your saliva and humid. All of them with the entrance, so that they take bath some. I remember now he’s Yin Mao Fuping to avoid carefully taken off, and hurt your partner. Try to hold his perineum it in the middle of the testicles and anus, and some men to accept the flute, like prostate massage. Then you have to use your fingers.

8-word dance

Your lips firmly latch onto the stem, and slowly moved towards the bottom of the of the penis, at least as much as possible. Slowly with his tongue and to write 8-word word in about three to four inches long, the lips always remain tight state repeated this action until you are tired, instead of the vacuum sucking action.

Latch onto the penis is the deepest lips wrap a stem. Then opened his mouth, try to breathe the air, while allowing the mouth to slowly move to the glans near. Your lungs should fill with air. Continue to open his mouth, slowly exhale the air slowly muzzle to the base of the penis. This action cooling the penis when inhaling, exhale heat penis excitement. Repeated action, then back to the vacuum sucking action. If you think he wants to ejaculate, stop action, let him awake a few minutes.

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