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Infatuation does not turn back

I thought KangWei will and girl quickly married,male enhancement pills but soon the but again came two people break up of the news. I asked KangWei reason, he said the girl with his mother don’t get along. Best natural male enhancement pills I admit that, at that time have a heart of a few minutes AnXi, for me, male enhancement pills reviews this might be a very good chance, I want to talk to the compound. KangWei hesitated for a long time, he said recently to a person quiet a quiet, kept waiting, “perhaps after that time, my father, my mother would think, maybe he can accept you”. I filled with joy, and looking forward to turn over of that day of, I can wait until KangWei is the news of the new sweetheart again “.

KangWei sought a girl friend again, this time is the Internet to find, the other party divorced, but the condition is very good, is said to be a manager, if two people get married, the woman’s money to buy a house. KangWei soon put the woman brought back home, kang dad KangMa thousand feeling all may.

I asked KangWei why don’t obey engagement, he just blindly sigh, also blame I had shouldn’t not obedient, shouldn’t do not wear high heels, shouldn’t not for him to give birth to a child… Kang mother has just had objected, KangWei consulted me, and he says if a child, we hope will be larger, I didn’t agree, didn’t also the courage. And KangWei also said, a boy of words, the probability of success will be very big, but if the girl is born, it would not.

Want carefully to come, I and KangWei of be in love talked about less than a year and a half, break up has so far is 9 months, I have been waiting for him back, I can’t put him, and no hope. KangWei always give me leave some read to think, let me hopelessly, etc, to as to be waiting until but always bad news. He just fell in love with the manager will tell me, said they will soon get married, but now the redeemed, he is still in drag, I asked him why he is not handle affairs, he said to wait and see, maybe we have opportunity between, his words always let me take any chances, hope, but the result, until now, two people still there an unexplained cohabitation.

I was so painful, because heart always love KangWei, can I know, even if later barely walk to arrive together, most of his family or look down on me, and I got the only is a injustice of marriage. Actually, I was much injustice, it doesn’t matter, as long as KangWei can stand on my side, can take out a man’s spirit, can balance the relationship between the parties. To him, I am all like to. I still love him so, once the pay, the future of the pay, I willingly, and only hope that he can understand me, can cherish my this piece of love.

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