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I promise to two men

So quietly after a period of timemale enhancement pills “no longer said to me what with his wife divorce words. Strangely, I’m kind of empty heart, and living beyond suspicion. natural male enhancement Is he doesn’t love me? Was he has loved? Or…… Whenever this time and extra care about the phone, his message, and be grateful and he together of the time.
In the confusion of love in the woman,best male enhancement mind always easy to faint. male enhancement reviews A weekend afternoon, wei sent text messages, I don’t go home after work, in the old house he. So I’ll give her husband dozen telephone, says the evening want to work overtime, let the husband don’t wait for me. Everything is appropriate after, I, in the old house was with the heart of the arrival of waiting for wei.
I wash bath, sitting in front of the mirror and tracing the eyebrow, added make-up, so waiting quietly…… Not and in a short while, door rang-know wei to come, my door is XuYan of, I gently said a voice: “come in!” Even the body didn’t turn over.
But the husband came in, he walked before me to loudly query: “you is here to work overtime? I to the company through, say you do not work overtime today.” I could protest, are silent point, wei then opened the door and came in.
The husband angrily shouts: “why did you deceive me?” And then looking at wei to one word, that appearance is very terrible. “This time also stared me, expression was resentments. As I have not huanguo to god, my husband picked up a chair, the head of the wei failed bottom go to……
See wei immediately faces blood flow to the husband said, “play well! Play well!” Jealousy and then looked at me: “you not is say your husband never get here?” The eyes are like my husband and I and do the cage cheated him, say that finish strode……
I don’t want to say anything more, say what is nothing. I have your promise to two men, I really for his behaviour confession. A lot of people are keen on an affair, and I had to say: an affair is like playing with fire, and it may be mercilessly destroyed everything.

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