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I married invincible fat younger sister to be the wife true happiness

The most beautiful woman in the world who is it? The wife.male enhancement pills Love you for you for a lifetime person who is it? Or a wife! Remember unforgettable 08 jan 20; Best natural male enhancement pills That is my wife and I go to the reality of the net love from the first day, just meet when I was a little surprised,natural male enhancement pills actually she would have on the Internet and I said she is fat, the first time to see her, height 68 cm, weight 168 jins, with glasses, very quiet girl.

Although my height 83 cm, weight only 134 jins, I think these are minor, the key is the character. And she talk from I found her very cheerful; Love to laugh, about what all laughed off; Very accord with my personality.

I first met is expressing my heart, I said 1 I fall in love with you, don’t know what do you think of me, (after getting married, she told me, when I said she thought I spirit not so good). And so we contact with a month will register marriage, which is also the net love with flash marriage it.

She loved me, I also love her, because I thought is the sort of traditional, since what somebody else to you, will you be up to somebody else.

We get married half a year, she suddenly told me she was pregnant, I was very happy, I tell her men and women we all want, and as long as this one.

10 months pregnant is her most difficult, and the most a man’s me also is very tough, because man know that sex is man can’t catch, when I had the sexual desire the time I’ll thinking about my future lovely baby, my wife much pain, bear how old body pain, if you make a betrayal, that you’re not a ruthless man.

I insist on living the most difficult 10 months, our lovely baby was born, is a girl, like her. I almost my tears, because my wife is planing in abdomen, when the doctor warned me will have sequela of may, to play anesthesia needle, and my wife is very fat bad hit, I was terrified, I stood outside in the operating room for more than an hour. Finally both mother and, I see the lovely baby;

Children grow up day by day, my pressure is bigger also, I decided to go to suzhou jobs; Because I will not what technology, we the little city is hard to find a job, she decided to go with me, child only seven months; We to her later so didn’t think too much and went away.

In the outside world is not good mix of, I found the return fairly good work, and even though she ability is very strong, but not because of appearance can’t admit, very not easy to find a operators do, that was three months away from their children.

In the almost a month suddenly when my dad said I call child had hand, foot and mouth disease in the hospital were in a coma, and no way just to call us, that night we get back to the home, the doctor said children in a day late may save don’t come over, I at that time can not use words to describe their guilty and pain, the child was in a coma for four days, I 4 days also didn’t sleep.

Children in the fifth day finally woke up, the doctor said slowly recovering will be good, in the hospital had half a month my baby can finally was released from the hospital, the wife she swears in does not leave the child, but I want to go outside part-time job, because we didn’t have the money.

Now I leave them almost one year, I’m looking forward to come on New Year’s day, and they can reunion, I love them, I never thought betrayal, because in my heart, they are the most beautiful and the most lovely people, even if I less to live 10 years 20 years as long as they are willing to my health.

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