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I insist on their wedding night will himself in to him

I’m in the help of family soon found a new job.male enhancement pills Others have for me after introduced several boyfriend, feel light, all is not of the seed of the end. Later, I met Mr. And now. And not trying to take Mr. And this one comparison, Best natural male enhancement pills but he did have a few like him, careful, considerate, and sir together, always feel very warm, male enhancement reviews very safe. So, I married him.
Wedding, I will debut, and gave her to her husband. This point, let he did not expect. Before I repeatedly rejected the request again and Mr. He was a very relieved, afraid of what, I love you, even if you did, that’s the old order of things. I took him at his word on the fence.
In such a s, will meet me so you’re attached bric-a-brac, married, my husband told more gentle and considerate, in his words, were you before you married somebody else people, after the marriage, by the is, of course, to better than ever!
That night, the heaven is the arrangement of reunion
Time passed, and this one for six years, respectively. In earlier years, I can still occasionally received his phone, light greetings with hidden behind still missing. Then my cell phone number changed, I didn’t also the initiative and contact with this one, this one in my heart is fuzzy.
Unexpectedly, this year’s an accident to meet, but this one will be pulled out from memory. For a friend’s wedding, once again, I came to the town full of injury town. Didn’t want to contact with this one, years of absence, he in my memory as if it has already have no position. But the world is so small, and friends to dinner, in the hotel that hit his straight up at the door, four eyes relative, we all leng half a day. Because to accompany the customer, he write down my cell phone number in a hurry into the rooms. That day dish is very delicious, but I eat too tasteless.
Then, a flood old from his cell phone from, wave after wave. I have no definite view, who is a, thought and he has set up a file in my mind in the river, and looked at his text messages, found that would still like to him.
A week later, I got this one on the phone, and he said already in xuzhou. This is his first time to xuzhou, as the host nation, I was just want to please him to eat for dinner, around in the landscape, and a good with guests. Unexpectedly, when I came to his room, everything is not within the control.
“You so quick to get married, I and she is to have divorce agreement.” This one, tears was telling his story. Originally, this one wife is registered city, from the countryside to the cities in this one has its place and she just got married. Fish and bear’s paw do not have your cake and eat it, a paper HunShu only won the endless bickering, and each time the end run away with this one. They have long divorce agreement, this one to his wife earn enough 500000 agreed to divorce. But this years trade has been bad, not their marriage is such a stalemate.
We unconsciously talk about before the wee hours, and to the dawn of the season. This time, he did not go, I also didn’t refuse, like to perform a long-lost agreed, two hearts tightly together in the post. That night, really like song sung, is “god for the arrangement of the reunion”?
After the event, my mood complicated desperately, shame waves by storm.
Once, I am a very traditional woman, has a firm belief of many. I think do such a thing, is excuse me this one also sorry husband. Think of a husband, I will always feel oneself is a sinner.
As I couldn’t help but think about confessed to her husband, happened to husband on business study, let me in this mood complex can a person calm down. The few days, my in the mind of mixed emotions, will all results have thought, including my divorced how will, this one divorced and what, LuanLuanDe in the brain. Many literary works an affair always written so romantic, but I don’t think. Six years ago that pure good memory, was that night did on a shaky.
Having several days ago called and said to xu business, I knew what he wanted to do. Different environment, the different time, many things will change and I and his life had further away from it. After many days of reflection, I was ready to decide. I said, “you can, but I will take the husband go to pick you up.” Telephone that having fun the fall, moaned, “six years, you be still so cute……”
XiaoHong story out. She said, think later, the mood ShuLang a lot, she and her husband was still very happy life, but sometimes face when his heart a little guilty, several words came back again. I hurriedly court: “whatever your story has more beautiful, all can’t tell him, he won’t forgive you, forgive the mouth, the in the mind also won’t. Men have a stubborn virgin, the more complex, the more he love you feel your noble, the more you’ll hurt. Life is like a book, every day, it would happen many things, good, bad, or sequence shelved on heart. The page, can secretly interpret review, but if apparatus including relocating to worry, the problems are complex.” This recruit though out of have a little not light, come to think of it, quite a bit helps.

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