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I and the little boy’s derailed passion

I am a 40 year old woman, male enhancement pills have a happy family, have a daughter, the life is superior.

But, I’m not happy, since since married,Best natural male enhancement pills I to my husband has not the feeling of love and impulse, over the years has been living in go light in.

Last year, I fell in love with a big boy. He was 20, single,male enhancement pills reviews tall some thin; Work actively earnestly, the disposition humorous, body have a kind of affinity, we both have good will.

One night, we meet the coffee shop, and we hugged.

The later days I deeper, thinks of all the time is he, and disturbing the my life, ignore the daughter and husband, looking for any opportunity, manufacture any excuse, have forged a lie with him.

Together, I like back to the first love, after break up is infinite thoughts.

I truly hurts him, love him, really thought is good for him, for he buy all kinds of things, as long as he needs to, I have to buy him the best, mobile phone, table tennis rackets, Swiss army knife, shirts, wallet, belt……

Everywhere I for his shoes, whenever I at dinner with his family, will worry about him a outside to eat well, whenever the weather is cold, wind, and I will send a message to him, let he more clothes.

We got along for eight months, this period are not happy. And the pain will be far more than happy.

Association with him in this period of time, I all happy, thought, looking forward to, disappointed, sad, guilt, sad and lost, sour, sweet, bitter, hot and so on all sorts of taste.

First of all, our relationship after all is not acceptable and I conspired against my husband, I sorry my husband and daughter, in the heart have a sense of guilt. Psychological burden is heavy.

Second, I sorry he, he still so young, I’m afraid it will give him and have a bad influence on influence after his marriage, he later life there is still a long way.

At present already gave him a lot of trouble, a lot of pressure, to give him so early to add a lot of trouble, so I have always felt that the heart be upset, I’m sorry.

But I wanted very much to him, and he is very eager to together, eager to chat with him, for he laundry, cook, and he took to the streets to hand in hand, into his life, taking care of his life, but these the most simple thing, to me is can never get, I know, he does not belong to me, I never get everything I want.

His love to me is not like I love him so much, he humored me, don’t hurt me. He has also repeatedly rejected me, every time I was extremely sad. But I just can not get away from him

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