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I always use self satisfaction is the husband found

That day,male enhancement leave the last three months husband finally came back. As early as in the days before I was excited to prepare for her husband’s home. When her husband really stood in front of me, I was a little excited started up and he sent didn’t loud cheers.
Dinner I have made a table is all love to eat food husband. I cook, top male enhancement reviews from time to time when her husband behind hug me, dining table and a bite of her husband to feed my food. Husband deep love that I feel for months by lonely all worth it.
After dinner,best male enhancement reviews her husband and I went to we used to go to the mall trail for a walk, walk back to the shower is a husband, after a wash his pajamas in my hands and said, you also go to wash it. I know the meaning of the husband, why call me so would have a bath.
In fact, and I’d like? In the bathroom, facing the mirror in the concave and convex have send the curve of plump and nude, think of a few minutes later were able to stay and look forward to already a long time of moist, I can’t help but light fondle it yourself.
However, when I stood in blushing before her husband, I saw her husband face smile some reluctance. I’d like to, he sat a day of the car, we are tired. So, I went up on the initiative. We soon breathing rate reached the gas happy peak. And in the process the husband was into it, but always silent. His silence make me uneasy. He used to have sex in always said to me some whispers.
His silence and forced smile it’s not… Because in the outside with somebody else? So a want to my heart in some pain up, for they that perennial everywhere of the outer rush about construction technician, outside another love and is nothing new, they unit in someone would do. But thought, husband and not like that kind of person, usually in the outside no matter how busy he, almost every night to phone me, sometimes say more say is a few minutes. He needed to nearly all the errands subsidies to the telecommunication bureau. His colleague so smile he “pot wife” than others “chicken” is still expensive. But he is still a few years like one day.
I really couldn’t guess why the husband not happy, afterwards he was speechless hug me. I the gentle voice asked him how he now, he seems to that answer: “I always in the outside busy, you are at home alone pain.” I say: “in fact also nothing important, just too think you. How about you must be very tired!”
Husband and silent a moment, and then some hesitantly just said, “I didn’t mean to find what, just just now you take a shower, I want to find this book look, look for book in the drawer see a box of open condoms, I……” I know why the husband be not happy. Usually, we all use birth control pills for external use, from without a condom.
I have not her husband thought “have an affair”, but a hear “condom before my face or brush to the red arrive ear. Her husband because of work often have left, after marriage we had had more of life together from less. Husband went out a little criterion ten days, is more a few months, my day fluffier busy job, didn’t feel what sad, but night is different. Especially lying in bed has not fallen asleep, but can’t help often thought about sex and her husband before the little drops, that kind of incisively and vividly that I always I think pleasure often couldn’t help hands to her body.
Get married for more than three years I haven’t had liuli see those sick girl friends three days two heads to the hospital run, I was afraid that I was one day will also like that. In order to better preventive life brings about infection, usually, my husband and I have sex to the chief “clean cleaning”. Later when masturbation and fear seam in possession of nails will wash not to drop of harmful bacteria, although masturbation before I wash has two or three times. So, every time I masturbate all want to use a condom. Then that I really understand why people need to put the condom called a condom, and it is not just used to the original birth control.
This is my secret, I think is absolutely masturbation privacy, is can’t let people know, including their sexual partners. Therefore, when her husband asked about “condoms when at once I really don’t know about the how to answer her husband’s question, but I also know that this is a not answer not problem. Otherwise the husband must think you guess right.
However, how the openings? Want to very in a short while, I still don’t know how to speak. I had to say: “I know what you want to say, I can understand how you feel, but it is definitely not you want to it, as to what it is and I just tell you tomorrow morning, good?” Husband light holds the my shoulders said: “I don’t believe you, but love you too much, I can never imagine a day without you is like.” With her husband’s deep feeling, I only more tightly against him, said I also love you.
The next morning I go to work her husband still not up, I put to him to breakfast on the table, beside a breakfast put this turned magazine, in is turned on that page has an introduction of the female masturbation. Among them are a small segment is said to the female condom use the benefits of masturbation. My pen in the words of the volunteer below mark, I believe that the husband see will understand my heart.
Sure enough, at noon I came home from work, to meet my husband is strong and ready to embrace the hot food. Husband some embarrassedly say: “I’m sorry, I almost misunderstood you.” I said, “it’s not that bad, at least you still love me.” “Of course, it was all my fault, if it weren’t for I always in the outside busy, you wouldn’t be so lonely, in the past few days I have to make it up to you.” The husband say that finish badly laughed at me.
A week after her husband had to go to the site. He left I was to work, can’t send him, he call I said bed have a box of gifts was sent to me, say that finish also on phone gave me a kiss. I can’t wait to sneak out from work unit to go home, a into the bedroom will see the bed put a beautifully wrapped gift box, can’t wait to open the gift boxes, and see it contained was two boxes of the same elegant condoms. “Thank you, my husband.” I put the condom tight tight stick in the chest said.

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