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He want to dash out of love and annoying

A weekend in the evening, male enhancement pills I went home. Eat after supper, I put the phone on the bedside table,male enhancement reviews I went into the shower. Say a bath and husband son to go to the supermarket shopping. I take a shower out, pass me the phone to her husband, a grim-faced and asked, “who is it? My heart suddenly a surprised, hurriedly open the cellular phone a look,natural male enhancement on the screen impressively write a line of words: “I’m lonely, I miss you so much. Wei.”
The damned guy how at this time of such messages from? But I soon to calm down, I say to the husband: “a bad against customers, he often like to our company’s people for such a joke.” The husband a bewildered: “it’s not like joke?” “It is really?” I FanJie husband. Although her husband had not again pursue, but also from now on buried hidden trouble.
To see wei, I got a fright: see his face pale, in both eyes, black eye, also didn’t shave beard, like a completely different man. Wei pain to say to me: “I want to divorce!” Then he told me, that day back home, and he and wife there were, and then just like my hair a message, I see no response, he ran into a friend living in two days and two nights……
Hear “because I and puts forward and wife divorce, I how many a secretly pleased, but the reason and conscience tell me, and I don’t want to destroy another family stability of a third party, also not willing to make big things, that to him to both sides of the family for me here.
So I to wei said: “how can you be so impulse! The day well, how have suddenly wanted a divorce? Hope you to give up the idea. Say, you are to turn divorced, I won’t marry you……”
Listen to my words, wei leng leng ground to looking at me and asked, “why?” I tell him: “first, I don’t want to be used as a third party, I can’t leave his delight in other people’s pain; second, we above is will not have any result between the, because the love we share not accepted by people, also won’t get anybody’s blessing.”
Wei said: “but my wife and I do not love each other, no common language, cannot communicate, what do you want me to get down?” I chaffed him: “no feelings you had married her, how have no feelings you get married and have children, have been together for life for so many years, you now just found no feelings? Not absurd!”
Wei said: “do you believe in fate? Believe in love at first sight? You are the one I love at first sight of love.” I a cover wei mouth, stop him further to go on. In order to prevent wei make the wrong decision, but also fear that caused my husband of doubt, I consciously reduce I and wei exchanges between frequency. I hope to be able to help wei rationally out of the relationship of the error.

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