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He doesn’t like sex without love

And the arrival of the mother be my between rehoboam and a turning point.male enhancement pills In her mother’s face and commitment to and I common into marriage hall, I’m happy, Best male enhancement reviews I forget everything that happened before and I had just experienced pain, and soon we rented a house in the campus, and came to live together.

He is a sexual desire special sort of person, natural male enhancement we live together, basically every day he to me have the requirement. He don’t know where to get some he thinks that is full of emotional appeal, in my view, belong to the super yellow A slice, let me and him to look at, and read in the film lens is imitate sex.

At first I still feel fresh, but every day over this ordeal, I feel an unprecedented weakness and fatigue. I was supposed to be a physical weak people, where is worth tough rehoboam. After a month, I put forward to and to move back to the campus apartment living. And don’t want to, he embraced me deep feeling ground say, will respect my feeling, and he doesn’t like sex without love, he hope I with he together every day is happy.

I and rehoboam together after, language and learning he was a great help to me, and let me quickly into the strange country, let me by many many foreign friends, this is the reason I couldn’t tear myself away from him. There is little that he always emphasize of safe sex, always use a condom, it makes me feel that he is a sense of responsibility person. And so, in the running to hesitate, we still haven’t separate.

However it is not I imagine, in another after the passion, and suddenly shout loudly: “dear, I condoms has gone missing.” I was scared, I first think for a moment all pregnant to do. And let me go to the toilet to rinse clean, and ask me whether there is a history of none before. When he-and again repeatedly asked me the same question, I realized that he was in fear that I will infect what disease to him, and I was very angry. The second day early in the morning he pull me to the hospital to do check, when the doctor told him I didn’t have any disease, just down has a mild inflammation, he just long relief.

It let me again to the present foreign men have the suspect. Maybe he doesn’t care about me, he even doubt I, doubt I have a sexually transmitted disease, doubt that he will therefore with disease, he always wearing condoms and not for me, but for himself. But it is more than I can control the scope, after a month, when I finally decided to move out of there come from him, I suddenly found that this month I menstruation didn’t come on time, I a while panic, I most worry about a thing in a urine test was positive sheets on get confirmed. There is no way, I with he had a phone call, tell him I had his child.

Rehoboam the same response surprised, he seems to be some don’t believe, 1 vigorously mumbling to himself: “don’t really so qiao, a can?” I wanted to dozen children, but Australia not allowed to do illegal abortion, for me, the only choice is to get married gave birth to the child. I put forward to rehoboam married, he didn’t promise has not rejected, just says when he finished college before and I got married, after the marriage, we to settle in Holland, it’s a beautiful country of tulips. He give me in the good promise, I started a difficult pregnancy process.

I grew up as allergic constitution, and asthma, the pregnancy after I to go to hospital for YunJian, find out two positive (virus), this let me to the children in the stomach very worried. Early pregnancy, my hair is beginning to make to drop, the doctor confessed the first three months of pregnancy is not sexual intercourse. Maybe he is hard to get for this lonely day, perhaps is because more and more tired and pregnant and increasingly haggard I, in my two and a half months pregnant, and to do on the graduation thesis to move back to the campus, I a person to stay in the outside the school in the dormitory.

My pregnancy reaction is very big still, just start I still can temporarily out of rehoboam and happy, because in my pregnant these days he always want to have sex with me. But unexpectedly, and this is a go of otherwise going to.

I am in here struggling to count the days, but there he began his a romantic history. Soon, he in pursuit of another Asian girl’s circumstances to my ear. Listen to other people speak, that is a Korean girl, just 19 years old, was very beautiful. When this news confirmed after, my tears could bear to drop down. I’m going to Australia to endeavor, only is to pursue such a ridiculous life? His stomach days and the children grow up, your future road but don’t know where!

Still not completely loses the human nature and or check back often to see me, to buy me daily articles, for I pay the rent, but he no longer say I love you, or words to that effect. I am pregnant when more than four months, one night, he suddenly came back, was very drunk, and I said to have sex. He forcefully take off my clothes, forced into my body, totally unreflective I was now is a more than four months pregnant. I cry for the him, and kneeling on the ground for him to no avail……

My private parts began to blast the pain, followed by a wisp of bright red blood flow out, I think eyes a dizzy. At this time of wake up only seems to rehoboam, he stopped his frantic act, send me to the hospital.

But everything is already too late, when the doctor told me the baby has been formed, is a boy, I can’t control his feelings, I’m from his hospital bed to jump up and go toward hit, I just want to and the selfish to the fullest man perish together, this has ever brought me endless longing for the man I just never able to bridge the pain. The doctor put beside me to block, in my request again and again, they called the police. Rehoboam was pol. Ice away.

“This was all a accident.” After a week, he again in my field of vision, he was accompanied by the came and pol. Ice, they believe this is just an accident, the reason is that we are cohabiting relationships, is not a party to the other party of the implementation of the strong J. Unable to answer.

After leaving hospital, I began to continue to finish my studies, and still to seek me, continue to confess to me, constantly explained to me, I hope to give him another chance, and give yourself a chance And I was made his girl friend and began to and his cohabitation. If the first or because love, so this time can only say that I face, perhaps is I think that such a man as I won’t have any perfect love, perhaps is a vanity and loneliness in time, in short, we came to live together again.

He started again to my endless sexual harassment, regardless of time, not to divide the situation, whether I need not to need. Even when I have your period he also don’t pass me, forced a red light, see me down to bleed, still want to meet their desires. He likes in front of me in the huge display his penis, also like to ridicule us Oriental woman flat chest, and having sex with him, never the original passion, never any good feelings.

My body has collapsed down, was the last time abortion is not fully recovered, plus he regardless of day and night to torture, my asthma hair, and then I feel the private parts often pain, always rules of the menstrual also becomes not regularly. The moment I truly know to race from different sexual difference, I remind all like me so eager to exotic marriage of girl’s son, must careful careful and cautious.

I left the country in more than two years after back home. Many people thought I was country learn to return, only I know in the heart actually have much bitter. I just to avoid the back and the exotic men torture, with Chinese traditional medicine recuperates the once I return the already weak body.

I went to the hospital inspection, to get the results I even can’t believe their eyes: the bad, have deep with three plus the vaginitis. Grey old gynecologist took my hand: “children, you must pay attention to that ah, your uterus is very flimsy, to children in the future is difficult, I’m afraid it is.” At that moment I hid my face from and cry.

I come back to China this time, and still often to call me, will I earlier return Australia. By, I’ve made up my mind, even if back, his broken clear, said a clear. He and I of the game between the dream should be over.

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