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He and I go to bed only for gas gas former girlfriend

I always want to open a flower shop of their own, and resigned from foreign enterprises human resources work, male enhancement pills in a flower market open a flower shop himself every day, and I will take care of the store,Best male enhancement reviews the great hospitality of each to my shop customers, and help them choose flowers, teach them flowers and meet the people will love flowers to the way of flowers for, my life, Best male enhancement pills full of flower in the world.

A flower of the world will have love, affection so casual into your world. He is one of my customers, valentine’s day to buy my girlfriend rose, about good to go to a movie, but his girlfriend but in that day he puts forward to break up, this is without a doubt couple mercilessly strike, he took the roses after I flower shop when, rose to on my store, he said to me: love the people go from him, and then the bright rose also will soon wither, don’t want to lose the love to and see the rose after the withered.

So, I chatted with him for a long time, also help him temporarily solved brokenhearted intertwine and, after that, we started to the contact each other and became lovers, to tell you the truth, I and his relationship of progress soon, we know less than a month to establish a relationship, I even his specific what all don’t know, he has a home a few mouth people is not clear, but I think, as long as people, other things can get to know.

His name is zhangyu, a little big man feeling, we officially going out after, he always heaves a sigh exclamation his past feelings, we dating for two months later, he told me of performance had very big change, I began to go, I don’t call him he is not active contact me, sometimes to call him he still don’t think I disturb his work, he can’t remember my birthday, and I was very angry, and he just bought a cup of ice cream to comfort me, even a happy birthday all don’t say, don’t even say to buy me the cake, but no, it makes me very sad.

My heart want to break up with him, but I know that love can’t buy gas, more can’t literally said to break up, I try to understand him, trust him. But these days, he is always busy with work for reason to avoid and I meet, I sometimes business at the store is busy, sometimes for days we all have no contact, occasionally also just meet to dinner, two people sit together but have nothing to say, finish eat are off leave.

A few days ago he said to travel a few days, to go to other cities do market research, a few days later he came back about I went out for dinner and haven’t started to eat, he was outspoken told me this a few days he has no business, I asked him not to do business trip, he and other people of woman date, shopping…… Go to bed. I was he say of the last two words startled, go to bed? How can you be so don’t know his own corruption of say export?

Then he asked me frankly, he always love with former girlfriend, after breaking up his feelings suddenly without direction, also don’t know oneself how to think like the girl is revenge thoughts is like and all kinds of women to play, to go to bed, will want to addicted, he said I’m sorry I know this, but he can’t control your behavior, so today I eat is frankly about all this.

I picked up the cup to his face on, took the bag to leave, from now on I can contact with him, delete all the contact way, he never go to the florist looking for me, our love is each other’s traveler, left, it will never come back, I will laugh at my stupid too naive.

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