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Had made love and fell down asleep?

Male performance of the entire genital self epididymis, including farmers and herdsmen, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate, ejaculatory duct, the posterior urethra to produce strong modern rhythmic contraction, and so will be excreted in the semen through the urethra, external urethral orifice,this is excited to reach a climax when the ejaculation phenomenon. Ejaculation appear early or late is not subject to the will, mind control, once the trigger to cause the emergence of orgasm, ejaculation will be inevitable.male enhancement reviews natural male enhancement

How best to caress female’s body after the orgasm?

This period the differences between men and women. Expansion of the penis in the male ejaculation quickly reduce congestive soften and shrink, erection soon disappear, testis volume reduced to smaller and drop to the bottom of the scrotum due to congestion, rapidly subsided. Is worth mentioning that the woman’s sexual desire decline is slow, is waning.

Some men do not pay attention to the woman’s physiological characteristics, and wanted to sleep after ejaculation, the woman’s sexual satisfaction and emotional state of mind has a certain impact.male enhancement At this point, the man should continue to caress the woman until the woman’s sex drive completely subside with rest, the end of the sexual life together.

Men ejaculate after the refractory period, although sexual stimulation after ejaculation, but not immediately caused the man to enter the exciting period. The same person at different times and different people should not be of the length are very different.

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