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Gender psychology: date a man what a crooked

A man all want to do it
The development of science and technology, male enhancement pills we should have had more time to fall in love, Best male enhancement reviews but the truth is, urban men and women not only need to work longer, stopped and the distance between the working place is far away. Research has even think, male enhancement pills reviews every day for them to follow one’s inclinations, any act of time but 22.3 minutes.
Which women need to use 21.2 minutes determine what to wear; Men need to 18.7 minutes fixing hair to shave. The real free time were 1.1 minutes and 3.6 minutes. Of course these myths some exaggerated, but you have to admit, that date is very time-consuming.
In order to improve the shooter, 57% of men through a friend introduced to the other half, 31% in a bar or the party met, and 12% of people choose dating working partner. When a man want to a women, most active invite each other. Realize this step is not difficult, should not flinch at pride or too high, should be in a relaxed state of mind can be realized.
72% of men will be the first date set in the location of the restaurant, then see a movie; 27% of the people are hiking or do exercise, the remaining 1% will want to some unexpected ways.
Men, on the first date is very important, holding a mentality of men do it not a few. If an invitation for the first time was refused, he will lose confidence, it is likely to change the woman to try his luck. Think men all are leather sugar, indomitable belief, that would be a big mistake. Not every man has a strong nerve and stand “destruction”, they also fear frustration, worry about being relentlessly refused, easy to protect themselves in the conditional reflex.
The first date if all goes well, a man will think, the next two relationships can only on nicely. Instead, the first date if could not convince a woman, and then he would vanish, and from then on him. Because habitually suppose no second chance to, the man on the first date, often tend to get attention.
Therefore, if the woman is receiving the sincerity of the man, you should send accordingly suggest that, if because of your dull or hesitate, not to the other party in time to send a “I also think you good” information, not to men to create the conditions of the action, perhaps two personal relationship finally won’t make some progress. Said rudely. spoiled men more, they too shy, not good at contact with women, this kind of men are often expect women to take the initiative.
Date to a certain degree, the man would first consider will further relationship. All say man is the lower half animals, even someone said, dating, they should always consider the timing of the kiss. This is not enough. 58% of men said, if we are really in step, the first date, they have intimate contact, also won’t reduce I his love for her and the 21% of the people think the 3 times dating is better, 21% more than 6 times dating. Generally speaking, when they have some kind of intimate attempt, the hope can know each other’s ideas, but also try to push for their own good across to the other party.
As a close contact with the primary condition is liked each other. Too bold, in public, be a box on the ear or woman to admire the wine but in the face of the feeling bad. In mind this point test women, men absolutely is sensitive and plans are old fox.
Watching the movie, not pretend to touch her hand, or close to the woman’s knee with his knee, slight physical contact to confirm her reaction, this is a common acting.
In a bar, bar and sit side by side with the same effect, through the shoulder to seemingly casual contact each other, feel her attitude. If the woman immediately will hand and knee pulled back, then that could tell that she didn’t of the further development of will, at least not yet. Instead, she doesn’t get around, on behalf of games. After confirmation, how to implement the action?
Extend the date is the first priority, and proposed to eat dessert after a meal, walking together, or to send her home. Once suggested that this invitation, basic can judge whether he is continued rejection of the……. Can you receive kissing, will eventually to your teacher? In about the meeting several nights, they already in the simulation to a final date from the end of the action plan, the elder brothers to iron to consult, Posting on the Internet, the scrutiny when, where to kiss.
During the date, they had racked their brains to consider the behavior of the next progress, so often talk absent-minded, mouth to chew food did not know also the taste. Even if the side of women has to go and talk about something, and often they oblivious.
In Japan the very popular trolley male “story about is an ordinary men in all the Japan’s biggest BBS, advice on how to pursue the Shinkansen encounter in women, mobilized tens of thousands of Internet users to advise, then the real event, and to be adapted books, movies, TV series, drama, visible for men, an invitation to women, can become a man between resonates very topic.
What to wear, where and how to say “hello”, meet where dinner, between meals talk about what topic, and then how to implement the next step, so again and again modification plan, and constantly envision would succeed, and were often will be more nervous. No matter what is the psychological preparation, and no matter how do the simulation exercises, the actual date may not be as they wish.
For liked each other but also in mutual test phase of the men and women, both sides of the timing and mentality concurs with, is quite delicate things, often because of an expression of action of wrong explanation and miss great opportunity. Even if the woman to have intention to, once the missed opportunity, not easy success. If the woman said declined to kiss or close move, men will do respond? Unfortunately, almost all of the men are not again for phase, but simply give up.
Of course also have some persistent of men, refused to give up and try to strive to get each other, biding comeback. But, the situation is more, men have for spiritual great effort and tired, and because of rejection and hit the pride, no longer to be more damage and would give up.
Therefore, when you have to get along with him down, want to kiss or intimacy, even if time is fully prepared for, should also try to clear, To avoid misunderstanding. Because don’t know each other’s original intention and lost the fate, and just thought the other without sincerity and give up contacts, or to make self-esteem from harm, worry to defeat, yet learned to each other’s original meaning, lead to miss opportunity, are very bad. As long as their slightly show, everything will be satisfied. Unfortunately, some of the goodwill about each other men and women eventually failed.

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