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Gender psychology: buy set set can reveal your love psychology

Some people think that buy condoms is a very common things, the normal treat, male enhancement pills even some people are more exquisite, will notice the condom size, material, in this people, like other commodities condom everything;
Some people buy condoms in the performance was not party, best male enhancement pills and will be very worry about what people think of him. The way that plays out in fact is not only buy condoms problem, male enhancement reviews this kind of person at ordinary times should also is very concerned about what others for his evaluation and views.
This phenomenon in the final analysis they are from Chinese about sexual concept. China’s sex education, sex as is not visible, bad, is can’t light out of the earth are discussed. The sexual side of conservative, leading to the people in the treatment and sex are directly related to the “condom”, is holding the conservative attitude.
From our perspective, it should use reverse thinking, in treating the condom incident reflect on their behavior. Sex was a normal thing, it’s a part of life, something to eat, wear daily needs.
If you can’t treat it with normal, values or sexual issues will also are biased, or even may affect sexual life, we would recommend him as related to the psychological consultation.
Of course this doesn’t mean absolutely, just in our mental consultation will run into some examples, a person in their sex life if not normal, the communication and attitude will appear problem, and treat the attitude of the condom is a direct ways. In this case, suggest the professional counseling.
In the present, buy condoms has is a kind of business behavior, it is the functional and practicability of in order to adapt to the needs of the people, so it’s rich and diverse is inevitable and normal.
When buy, the most need to pay attention to the quality of the full set of Ann, for the purpose of condom itself is to “safe”, if it doesn’t pass the quality, not only have no way to guarantee safety, but easy to bring security hidden danger.
Buy a woman, said to male domination
First of all, from buy condoms this thing look at itself, it is to belong to the safety of sex of knowledge. And, usually buy condoms natural degree and the number of buy is proportional to the, in the beginning of the first two times, could be nervous, not natural, not party; But usually bought more than three times in the above, it will become habit and natural.
Then, from the people buy condoms on gender analysis, condom is belong to male supplies from reason should be the man to buy. If a woman to buy condoms, that could explain this woman in this relationship, is the one who pay more and more care about this relationship-remove the man really is quite busy, even buy condoms have time.
After all, relatively speaking, buy condoms such a thing to the woman is more privacy matters, a woman for the man to buy condoms, at least in this relationship can be seen in the relationship, is in the leading position is a man.
Again, from buy condoms choice of occasions to see, also can from that buyers characteristics. Like to outdoor condoms to be automatic sales machine purchase of people, a lot is legally a minor, or sexual experience less, in their view, the condom sales of automatic machine high degree of freedom, may not need after others view to survey;
And in large supermarket buy condoms are often more home type of consumer;
Like to go to the convenience store to buy condoms 24 hours, usually there will be more nightlife, and higher spending, and such people, sex as consumer goods, to the sex will hold relatively open attitude;
And habits to drugstore is bought in the concept of relative sex above are conservative, but also advocates “clean sex”, they pay attention to health, are pushing a healthy life.

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