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From the general to the slave life I can’t stand it

Ten years ago, male enhancement a light is the institute of architecture of college students, Best natural male enhancement pills and I and LiuXiaoLi of TV university is classmates.best male enhancement pills In a classmate party that he and we had met. According to LiuXiaoLi said, at that time the HuoYiGuang for me at the first sight, and she also to HuoYiGuang a little good will. It is out of the envy of mental state, she just put HuoYiGuang to my love letter intercept. I don’t know anything, have been put HuoYiGuang as the friend view. He has been to go to graduate school after a year of a day, we are surprised to meet market, that day each suddenly got an unusual feeling, fate so.

HuoYiGuang pursue me, really is very hospitable. He rain or shine pick me up from work, shopping when my eyes to what aspect, the next time he will meet the gift sent to me, I don’t have to say what he can answer the words. The deepest impression, is a time when we go shopping me sudden appendicitis, he ran all the way back into the hospital I, full run three Station Road. I admit that, at first I don’t like his looks, but with him for a long time, what appearance can ignore the figure. I fell in love with him.

It is because he is good to me, and I will stay in wuhan for, if I before marriage to his heart and keep, that marriage, I was paid without reserve. If it were me dandle him, love him, and I swept all the housework, afraid of him do design too bead, every day I change to method soup to his compensatory nutrition, no matter how late he work, I would give him to food taken late at night, he; He think I watch TV loud, I watched it almost a year of the silent TV.

We are together for five years, but in addition to the two years in love I can feel his love, these years, especially after marriage, the more I feel like a wives, like nanny, like sister, but not at all like his wife. Every day he had make not over of design, the midnight and several not over of the dinner party, he rarely talking to me. I want him to pick me up from work, he said, “yourself”, I say you now bad for me, he said, “the fish on the hook to what the bait”; After marriage he never bought me a gift, and even my birthday have forgotten. You know, we just get married three years, married three years are like this, then life this do?

LiuXiaoLi in marriage that day, this letter back to me. She said, she finally also conscience debt. She is easy, but I do, I first saw this letter, the first time I know, in ten years ago, a light is then the love me.

“We in the DongHuLi boating, you hide in the white figure behind them, rippling, lowering your head, look at the fish swim in water occasionally. The sunlight to shine on your face, that moment, I’d rather stop breathing.” “If there is the future, I hope to hello. I want you to live in with my own house, outside of the building is a garden, TingZhong grass growing up, before you and I, have children, running plays.”

Think about HuoYiGuang ten years ago, the deep feeling, think again he’s doing now, when he is in love contrast of fanaticism, again to think about the future, I really is a little chilling. Don’t catch it, no “dreams” treatment? Don’t, fish on the hook is really no need to bait?

The three months, I give he made many requests to change, but he did not. I have waited for three months, and not go down. I want a divorce.

(HuoYiGuang a full face of embarrassment, he admitted that he left his wife in life, there are disadvantages.)

I have a problem, do things special focus, a firm in, everything will be ignored around. The two years, unit value quite to me, task one after another pie, I wants to do things, with the home MengPing care and good, so I just care about your own work, have never thought, can let a MengPing to my misunderstanding so deep.

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