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Four common misunderstanding of sex

Some of the ideas for sex life,male enhancement pills many in our heart have deeply,Best natural male enhancement but many to drag to QueBing it’s not that. With the liberation of the thought, people on the sex of the cognitive also more and more high,Natural male enhancement pills but also by the influence of the concept is past, and lead to a cognitive biases. Now is common mistakes that have sex?
With the liberation of the thought, people on the sex of the cognitive also more and more high, but also appeared some sex erroneous zone. People often appear sex is those mistakes?

Sex error 1: masturbation is men’s patents

A see masturbation, many people think of men, but in fact, women also have masturbation, even some of the women continue to masturbation after marriage. As a study found that 40% and live with partner women masturbation. And masturbation women and the sex partner than not masturbation of women more harmonious.

Sex erroneous zone 2: men can’t disguise the climax

The survey found 25% of men will camouflage climax, even in oral sex. Yes, they won’t disguise ejaculation, but they will camouflage their moans and action. This is because and women, they will also tired, or simply can’t achieve pressure climax, but hope to partner a pleasant sexual experience.

Sex erroneous zone 3: pregnant women can’t offspring

Health and moderate sex is not only, still can greatly improve your husband and intimate feelings. Another after pregnancy don’t have to worry about birth control problem, can make the husband and wife more relaxed, improve the two people’s sexy, may be more to experience the joy of sex. Fear of harm to the fetus sex is not based on science. Because of your baby’s life in a very thick wall of the uterine cavity, and the warm amniotic fluid around, amniotic fluid can reduce the shock and sway, so you don’t have to worry about your baby will interference. Your cervix in pregnancy is closed, and there are many mucous closed, can prevent the invasion of the pathogen. But you also have to understand some of the changes of pregnancy, and do not by any means for sex and influence pregnancy.

Sex error 4: oral sex will not infect venereal

Some people think that oral sex will not infect sexually transmitted disease, but in fact,, venereal infection rate in very high today,, oral sex and sexual intercourse is dangerous. Because oral sex is mouth organ in direct contact with, although the process is quite comfortable, but as long as the contact with the sexually transmitted diseases of the body fluids, can make terrible venereal in mouth breed, as also have reported cases before, cauliflower long in the throat, this is because the spread of sexually transmitted diseases oral sex. So, want to avoid sexually transmitted disease after oral sex, the premise is the best man to put on a condom. Although many so a sleeve, it felt like or barking up, did not great, but in order to each other’s health and safety, it is the most secure way.

Sex is delighted happy marriage a key, it reflects the husband and wife life of harmony and harmonious. More than two personal love get distillation, also reflected the grace of the marriage brings its own. Then, the real life of some of the error is sex caused many problems, so the best way to between husband and wife is to avoid the pitfalls of sex, and enhance the common sense of the accumulation of sex.

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