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For the second time diamond male is groped my skirt

Married for only three years, male enhancement sweet emotional plummets,Best male enhancement reviews fall into the abyss. Every day the fire fight and swooping,best male enhancement I make burned, as long as the eyes, began to entertain foolish ideas. Worry about the husband and outside in the little chance, I am not valid, but it is a basis.

I have witnessed the husband bad behavior, just didn’t leave evidence, have never thought, a few days passed, and the husband was not admitted, admitted that his death to make mistakes. Blame I didn’t take his cheating photos, also provoked her mother-in-law to I break into a furious rage, accused me of rock the boat, and tried to take her own son. Yes, there is not a mother-in-law won’t partial his son, and what’s more, I don’t have to put table evidence.

Sit in a cafe, looking at YaNan tearful appearance, instantly pity. I handed her a paper towel, but she’s not answering, said the tears have cried out, now want to cry all no tears! I can understand a woman injustice mood, seen too much of the woman is the man bullying, are suffering. Maybe telling out, the heart will be better, than suppress upsurge in better. When a woman to suppress pain, actually a pyrrhic victory, but the body to harm. Maybe not the root of the problem, but I’ll give her the biggest support, do a friend should do responsibility.

YaNan paused for two or three minutes, at the window watching the night, heaved a sigh of relief, and continue to say: husband is the first man I know, and on the plane came across. I was appeared to run to the plane, don’t know his wallet dropped on the ground, he found, then immediately ran back to my wallet. I thank him, don’t know what to say, just repeatedly say thank you. He just sits on my left, in on the flight to Shanghai, a strange men and women chang chat life, finally to exchanging hands and business card immediately.

After coming home free time, a look he gave me the card, incredibly is one investment group executives, it’s met a diamond male. A week later, after I get off work is ready to do the subway, but suddenly saw a man kept out of the front of me, to say to send me home. Suddenly, I recognize, at present of this man that day met on the plane. Hey hey, a joy, then immediately into his luxury sedan.

Get off before, he suddenly embrace from behind me, put me into my skirt inside, I immediately thrown into a position, let he groped underneath. Wait until I slow over the god comes, opened my eyes, their clothes have been stripped nude, in the car, I lost my stick to 25 years of virgin to him.

I’m a fool, a fool, so was offered himself to him. I have to start and he contacts, fortunately, I’m very concerned that everything is with me, as long as what I say, he would listen to me, and I never answer back.

I like the atmosphere of man, special hate chicken belly bowel of man, and he is my ideal man. Dating for a month later, he took I have seen his parents, his parents of my attitude is very good, very satisfied with my daughter-in-law of the future. A week later, the smooth married, hand in hand with life.

I think this is my wonderful life beginning, everyday immersed in a happy atmosphere, but to my surprise, that was the beginning of the nightmare I constantly. The husband is a man of charm, side never lack the company of women, as long as is the husband appears occasions, will have a large number of women around, either know or not, whether beautiful or not beautiful, will be the husband diamond attracted identity.

And the husband is flower heart, obsessed with a woman body, as long as it is to attend what party, or a private party, after drinking bring a woman will go to the hotel crowd. This is a known things, only I is still in the dark, was as fool general, very sad.

The husband is will talk, the day trying to elaborate me, excuse said the meeting overtime or business, in fact, those who are false. I’m at home sleeping of time, the mobile phone has received little three from the MMS, naked body man is above my husband, lying on the coquettish woman’s bosom.

I know this is small three in to my demonstrate, publicly challenge the patience of my bottom line. Face the lack of power marriage, ever hesitate before, wanted a divorce, and fear no man will divorce like me, life difficult. I also want to commit suicide, but that’s too sorry, sorry parents! I sit through tired three years time marriage, and finally, on a morning decisively signed the divorce, I feel that moment is my wonderful life began.

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