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Female sexual satisfaction of 5 kinds of common performance

She needs the “more”
Investigation shows,male enhancement the woman to satisfy every week 2, 3 times to sex. Natural male enhancement pills But they to the definition of gender is broad, may not need meaningful sexual intercourse, but she may need with men together, have a kiss, caress this kind of intimate action needs.best male enhancement pills Give her the “more” method is, let her know you may think of her all day, when leisure text messaging told her dinner plans, and asked her to put on that hot red pajamas, etc.

She believes what she is very sexy
Sexual satisfaction women do not not confident–80% of sexual satisfaction women think that, in the most sexy eyes their partner. This is because satisfactory sex to promoted her own positive evaluation. Want to own her keep her confidence? That never criticism of her body, otherwise, she worried about all day. If she always worry too fat, bosom is too small, that sex will certainly be not feeling well.

Who speak out demand
Sexual satisfaction woman know what he wants, and 87% express it. A can come to name their sexual need woman, have an orgasm opportunities are greater. As the man, can encourage her to talk about sex, and at the same time pay attention to her nonverbal cues. If she kept touch you, is that she wanted to.

Pleasure is the goal
The woman is not that care about high tide, but they’ll need the pleasant sensation. 75% of the women say as long as sexual life have pleasant sensation, no climax can also. The vast majority of women will have to satisfy the pleasant sensation as a goal, this includes both physical, including psychological. So, to try to let in sex she relaxed relax, psychological pleasant, body also would then get pleasure.

She does not care about size
For sexual satisfaction for the woman, the penis size is not important, the key is how to use it. 93% of women said they meet, they value more men of the skills and sex emotion of communication. When sex with full of fervor, completely let go of the penis size important than 10 times. Thus, men don’t always can not pass with “size”, through the other way to give her more merry.

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