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Do not love the first play man easy migraine

In sex, male enhancement if he knows only proceed, so, Best natural male enhancement immediately let him out! In the men’s eyes, male enhancement pills reviews the first play was always as a “DiaoWeiKou”, since arrows in the string is already, still pretending to pose? The more people who believe that sex essence the longer the stage, their sexual ability is higher, and the more likely to let partners met.
Therefore, they would rather choose right to the point, with deliberately extended sex time to prove his strength.
But a few days ago, Germany a medical research shows that sex is only slowly, too hasty can lead to migraine headache, body very adverse to health. Reports say, Germany have frost neural neural medical research center’s research found that, stefan jephthah, when sexual life too much “desperate”, blood pressure ascending too fast, easy in sex process and what happens after the sudden migraine. Most often this happens to people, at the age of 25, 50 years old, and between the men appear this kind of circumstance rate than women three times as high. Unfortunately, these men still immersed in “sex” courageously, the fundamental if nothing. In fact, its climax when severe headaches, may increase a future cardiovascular disease risk.
Such cases does not see more. Although the results of this study are not fit for all of the men, but, in sexual life, we do not ignore the importance of the first play. Especially for women, sex drive more than men generally slow, physiological reaction model itself inherent in their decision into a state of slowly. Relative to the bold fanatic scene, they prefer to gently fantastic reservation. Therefore, if only paying attention to male sex essence stage and ignored for a long time the first play, can cause female sexual arousal is relatively slow, has not appeared orgasm, sexual life is also more and more not satisfied. In the long run, in the physical and psychological will appear a series of problems, easy to cause the palpitations, insomnia neurasthenia phenomenon, and the chronic pelvic congestion and local symptoms.
Sexual impulse approaching, might as well the first play time of 10 minutes. As women’s sexy area throughout the body, the male may by embracing, kiss, touched, and to further explore their excitement, and at the same time with the gentle language. Want to know, is sometimes very easy to meet a woman. Some sweet love language, to them, it is a kind of great sexual experience, can stimulate their proper sex. Many women even in the first play, already has obtained a degree of satisfaction, even can reach climax, the length of time for each other after they also too won’t care.

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