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Divorce man encroached on my first I climax(A)

A time to attend a friend’s wedding, natural male enhancement we all drink many, in dim in possession he…
The prince, hello! I’m on the QQ chat with you, give you the about my story to tell;
He and I know more than two years,top male enhancement reviews in the us just understanding before long, he let me do his girlfriend at the time was right because friends have with, at the time, the empty consented to him, to him and to do not have what good sense, also don’t know, about him all don’t know, I was 22 years old, and his ten years older than I. At that time I together of the time he told me he 28 years old,male enhancement unmarried. male enhancement reviews Don’t have a girlfriend, but in the later found getting along with his age, about all of his story.
Our relationship is a turning point in a friend’s wedding, all natural male enhancement we all drink many, in the dim by his possession. This is my first time, in my view of the woman in the first time is very important, is because this happened before deciding to and he continues, then get along also calculate happy it, but at the time often can feel his is wrong, and have to say what is, because of his working relationships often on a business trip, but his one to other place, mobile phone is always close machine at night, his explanation is always cellular phone have no electricity.
In an accidental circumstances I found that his cellphone records, the inside of the communication detail records to see let me startled, and he and a few women in contact, then feel very dizzy, he how can be so lie to me, for the first time to the concerns and his promise I forgive him, but in the heart is always have the shadow, along with the second year is well, he also didn’t and the woman contact (often check his communication detail records), we also talk about marriage to the point of married, actually has been to his family isn’t very satisfied, at my insistence parents didn’t also way, because they hope is also me happiness.
For a chance to see a story, let I wanted to determine whether he will get married, at that time I hate divorce have children, side have that example, because his 10 years older than I, more to make sure such identity, I let him put his registered permanent residence to let me see, he has dragged, also say his father does not agree, the more he so the more I want to know, once I take down his id card number, find work friends in public security, checked his information, a friend told me he is a divorce. I really can not accept, it is black, why such things I will encounter, tears, a trickle of dripping, then feel what are false, and is so untrue, and I asked him, he finally confessed, also told me he has children, felt really good funny…
Why does he want such lie to me, so we broke up, because they can not accept, but never forget him, I thought that after the passage of time I will forget, but I do not, in separate months later we were compound, for the relationship now let me very uncomfortable, I really feel very can not get away from him, but also can’t accept the fact that his divorce have children, and that he had also deceive me, my parents didn’t agree to me and divorced people married, his family is very complex, let a person feel less than family, now my age small, the home is always urged my things. I don’t know how to answer, the inside of the heart is very contradictory, and he together to anyone about things I don’t
Before, these worries have been put in the heart, do not know how to choice, and sometimes I don’t even he isn’t really love me, I’m not sure, always feel he is so flower heart, and a few women and been able to place, also can’t guarantee later not that, I don’t know what to do, maybe I should leave his right, such feelings down also no significance. If choose with him, to face a lot of problems, alas……

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