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Distress! The husband just getting divorced his ex-wife derailed stepson but when I was little three

I’m 28 years old, my husband self 14 years old, male enhancement and his son, Top male enhancement reviews 14 years younger than me. Yes, you didn’t guess wrong,Best natural male enhancement pills I was his second wife, his son’s stepmother.
He and I work in the same company. When I knew him, he is getting divorced, his ex-wife’s boyfriend’s wife dozen office, let his mind your own wife, at the time of the office has stunned, looking to go to, I am also one of the bullpen.
After his divorce, he and I became more communication up. A time when many friends advised me, say empress mama crushed, I want to marry him about it, to my parents was very sad. My father even said: “you won’t bring him back, I can’t introduce to our neighbor is this my son-in-law, the somebody else be my brother?” Now we’ve been married for over a year, I and his feeling does not have what problem, but I now encountered bottleneck.
A, I and his son always make not relations. His son has been thought I was a third party, for I very hostile. Have a watch TV together, he sets the perfect outfit.but transferred to playing the wrong loves “, also a strength the son said: “third party shall not die.” And so on. I listen to the very thorn heart, want very much to tell him: I’m not your daddy your mama of any third party, you mom is the rest of the third party. But he asked me not to do so, said it would hurt the heart of a child.
Two, he and his ex-wife want to turn. His ex-wife after divorce, the lover is not willing to divorce, so she regretted the want to turn back. A day to call him and through the visit son’s reason for coming frequently, therefore there to launch the offensive. Fortunately, my husband’s position has been very firm.
Three, I want to have children but he didn’t want to. When we fall in love, and just get married, I made clear said: I don’t like kids, don’t force me life. He also agreed to. But now, with the great age slowly, the girl friend have all the children, I changed my mind. But my husband strongly disagreed, said he is old, and there is no strength with the children. I guess he is afraid of a child, I was not his children. He did not think for me, I was really uncomfortable.
I this how to overcome these problems? Sometimes think, I also only and he “a very short marriage, now calculate a divorce, and many not married girls. Because there are many people who are premarital cohabitation.
Experts reply:
You met this question, in you before marriage, actually exist. Children must not welcome you, his former wife will certainly to harass, and this is the inevitable question men marry a divorce, it is no accident. Parents are advised to your friends, but you did not listen. But also can’t blame you, because who knows it will GongHang.
Had better not to tell the truth of the marriage husband’s children. I recently have ambition TV series development, so in my mind the automatic appear as follows picture, the child as your painful scold: “you this fox, are you harm my parents a divorce.” You smiled (sneer at loses it fair maiden identity) : “be? You know so-and-so uncle? He is your mother’s lover……” Then with a child cries: “no, this is not true.” At this time, lightning, the thunderstorm, hail…… Chip, miles pa pull it down, the child ran to the storm-and stumbling this is too cruel.
Under the nest, Ann finishing have eggs. Any life to reincarnated, are born to run, not to rush dead, he into the family do son, at the moment, he’s home his happiness was ruined, his world was overturned, his mind how can there hate. He should hate? His father’s mother, or an irrelevant woman-of course is the latter.
Even if you tell him the truth, I believe he hate, and will also point to you, even more intense. Because the person is not able to, never to hate his own mother.
And his ex-wife, you again tormented also useless. All depends on the attitude of Mr. You, if he can throw lamp that call yue: a top LuTouJin, or can’t pressure people die ears. Then he and former woman “hence for couples again”. If his anger yue: “my old one home the face of their lifetimes to give her lose all…….” You are safe. If his attitude was always somewhere in between.
All in all, everyone is the health, to take disease longer, and if you want to continue and his life down, you’re going to have to learn, living with a problem.
If they really want to have children, had it. In fact you have children don’t need he agreed. You can communicate with him, communication, emtional Daniel, but in my experience, this communication finally certainly will become quarrel. Also is secretly think way.
But, you have to understand, this is you like the child, you want to children, is based on the natural maternal, based on the choice of the uterus. Not because you gave birth to the child, he owes you, or marriage must be solid, the child in the past, present, and future, are not marriage 502 glue. Not have children, marriage is do-or-die, not letter, excuse me, your husband is how to divorce.

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