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Decryption semen “health password”

From a biological sense,male enhancement the birth of a new life in sperm and egg combination of instant,male enhancement pills reviews in order to meet the instant success, semen played a decisive role.

Modern on reproductive physiology referred to by the seminal vesicle sperm is glands, natural male enhancement pills the prostate gland and urethral ball of liquid and testicles produce and stored in epididymis two parts in sperm.

Normal men once for 1-6 of ejaculation ml, including 2-500 million sperm.

As the carrier and sperm defender, semen main task will be to contain a certain number of sperm safely transported to female genitals inside, to get pregnant chance.

Semen is alkalescent, can be counteracted inside vagina acidity material, be helpful for sperm activity.

Sperm has provided for sperm activity of nutrients and energy function, to ensure the normal birth activities.

So it is no exaggeration to will come from men’s sperm called angel life.

But in daily outpatient service, very many people to the amount of semen, thick and color to sense her reddened hands, causing a lot of unnecessary panic.

“Many and few” doubts

A university has written to say, nearly a period he nocturnal emission frequent, began to a couple of times when a lot of semen, later semen less, he worried that the semen left will be light.

Some new YanEr little husband and wife, honeymoon stage in life is frequent, beginning from semen is more, can then less and less, so also produced a similar concerns.

Some young men in a masturbation, found that semen significantly less than before, but only a few drops to less, they also worry about influence subsequent sex and birth.

In fact, these concerns are superfluous.

A man, from the first time a termination of life spermatorrhea, in body, there have been differences semen, a man’s sperm is how much can not calculate the.

Nocturnal emission, masturbation/more frequently, the consumption of semen, but seminal vesicle, prostate gland body and urethral ball with other glands, as long as normal function, will continue to secrete, so semen won’t dry up.

Some young male masturbation, a few days a even a few times a day, this would make semen is significantly less.

The reason is very simple, although the human body to produce sperm and semen ability, general relief after 2 days of 1-can complement, but have ejaculation frequency, still happen “demand” situation.

This leads to the semen of too little, of course, is not a disease, also need not worry about nothing, and extend the time interval of row does not treat the.

But if each row are less precise that is sick.

Male infertility cases, semen too little (less than 1 ml) of infertility caused by about of the total cases of about 2%.

Semen too little reason for testicular dysfunction may be, the endocrine disorder, seminal vesicle, prostate gland disease or urethral stricture of the cause.

This kind of semen less easy to identify, only abstinence or prohibit masturbation # 8212; Seven days later row a sperm and semen before the disease is no more, or for pathological semen too little disease.

So, semen too much? And semen too little similar, semen too much, such as more than 7 milliliter, also is a kind of pathological, mostly for the seminal vesicle inflammation to cause.

The essence of the semen is too pure pulp secretion or exudate too much, and the total number of sperm and no change.

So obviously, will cause the density of the lower sperm semen, impact becomes pregnant chance.

The essence of the secretion of excessive in the slurry for inflammation pathological factors, can interfere with sperm activity and function.

In addition, the sexual intercourse after too much of the semen excess semen will bring out a large number of sperm from vaginal erosion, reduce the chance conception.

Therefore, semen is not the more the better.

“Thin and thick” doubts

A young male tell a doctor, he is now the semen of masturbation injection thin like water.

He said the previous sperm is sticky, how now become like water? He asked: is often masturbate? Would not cause infertility? There are also a couple of, have already been married for three years, after marriage has been living together, every week 2-3 times sex life, both sides did not use contraceptives, but the woman has not been conceived.

On examination, the reproductive organs and menstruation, ovulation functions are normal, the man’s sperm quantity, form and activity is normal also, just shoot of the semen to 1 hour in above just by glue frozen shape gets thinner, they want to know that this kind of glue shape of the semen conception of frozen have any effect.

Sperm in the genital tract initially in liquid form of existence.

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