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Decided to get married

I and HeYan married four years,male enhancement pills but I always have a we have been together for years feeling, top male enhancement reviews not extend endless romantic, but can’t see the despair of the head.

These days he is busy, best natural male enhancement less and less coming to dinner, more and more came home from work late, travel time also from the initial 35 days, now a walk two months. His work nature, let me have to understand him, as a line in a run of sales staff, travel is work with content. Besides, as he said, he did all that, also be to our family. Sometimes I regret it, maybe did you shouldn’t agree with him into the company now, should not agree to him from the background technical personnel to do the front desk sales.

Anyway, our story is very messy, first from our the situation now speak of it.

Today HeYan distance to nanjing business, is in the past 24 days, this period, we chat on the net three times, and the phone no more than five, every time but three two minutes. This time he is and leadership go off together, have two times I told him in online about good to video, but before he could open a camera, he is in the QQ said: “the leadership for me, baby, we next video?” The phone just said two words, he will say: “oh, I was in a meeting and ran out of the phone, pick you up if there’s nothing special about, we’ll dispute later is good……” But I know, don’t have a “next” and “wait,” every time we are forcefully miss, call again, want to say before the steaming hot words, are already chilled.

This situation has lasted more than a year, from him into the company after half a year, I would have detected the, we increasingly tenuous. He doesn’t talk to me about work, don’t talk about colleagues, and even, I sometimes after their company, want to have dinner together with him, the end of the line in his tone also appearing impatient: “you go to eat, I go to the restaurant, to let people see what bad.” My darling obedient, oneself to have a meal, but don’t understand, colleagues see the husband and wife what have dinner together?

I have too much time sent to him on business day, he work overtime of time, a person at home watching TV, Internet, holding the computer see idol drama tears ran more than. Sometimes I’ll bubble look on the net post, the shocking story always marriage terrifies me unceasingly, small three, betrayal, derail, these high frequency vocabulary to my increasingly feel fear, sometimes I just hugged him and said: “you say that one day you will not like the others, and then crashed?” He scoffed: “I’m the man?”

I can’t go to verify, also dare not to give him a chance to prove himself is this man, I can do is let themselves how long a heart, be careful. And he, more careful than I–no matter what, I see his message, is always clean, most have two colleagues working travel from; His QQ chat log will not see any flaw, the mailbox also nothing suspicious E-mail……

Sometimes, I check it again later, will feel sad and funny: I this is do what ah? This kind of every couple of life, is I had the excited for the life of me for marriage?

2008 years before getting married, I and HeYan have love for three years.

At that time, our life is very simple, I in the advertising company, he in communications industry, nine to five, and other small lovers and no to the. When we are poor, two people’s wages and up to four thousand pieces reluctantly, want to want to get married, want to buy a house, can never have “prodigal” idea, occasionally meet happy matter, he will pull me to say: “go and eat KFC, luxury a!” Now think of that time, the side of sadness, and side yearning, at least, the time when we love so pure.

He didn’t have the money to buy flowers, but will be in the middle of the night after work overtime of street, to buy me a hot baked sweet potato, chuai in her arms back, as the emissary of Ming dynasty put in my in front: “honey, quick strike to eat!” He is eager to learn, I from our little savings took the 5000 piece, let him sign up to go to attend the training course, men have a dream is always good thing, and I have this man, also feel lucky. He go to sign up come back, come back to see my gift certificate, say suddenly move feeling, an embrace me: “baby, you’re so good to me.” We are all in your eyes, for this time of sincere in shabby keep.

Finally decided to get married, no house, also had no money for a luxury wedding, he is a face of regrets, but I didn’t care: “we are married for love, and not to the other.” I think, if I love this man, I would like to and he “bitter guard cold kiln”. And this difficult time will also provide me in his idea of the component add cent, isn’t it?

But I, after all, is ordinary woman, I also eager to have a better life, to wear out new clothes, also hope to see beautiful clothes shopping, the first reaction is not a peep at the price tag, but taken directly into the fitting room, a ground test, the satisfaction of all pack away. Even, I the most mediocre expectations, is pleased when we can not only KFC as a celebration, perhaps, can go to eat hot pot, or pizza?

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