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Co-habitation finish these things make the marriage arranged

1, both parents

If he’s parents or put him as a child, male enhancement pills I hope you like him and coax him, and he is enjoying the son treatment, but your maternal not so foot, All natural male enhancement will have a lot of friction; If both parents get along with unhappy, even surface harmonious all hard to do, will also become the problem; If you don’t like his parents, Best male enhancement reviews or he cannot bear to see your parents, also will be the future happiness hidden trouble.

2, XiuXiTian how to spend

If in your days off like to sleep late, he must love clean up early, is not yet put you to quarrel not, arguing potential in the hard to avoid. Get up time difference of friction, only parents to tolerance; On the other hand, if the other party indecisive, always set to do not come down, the weekend together what two dry or, conversely, always rough decided to stem what, can produce fast.

But this one is better solve, both sides can make a rule, for example, is the birthday on Saturday, Sunday is a boy,, female birthday for priority to girls, always listen to the girl. And vice versa.

3, about the child’s discussed whether can come to an agreement

The topic before marriage, be sure to in-depth and discussed repeatedly, and good know each other with their thoughts are general agreement. Such as whether a want a child, a don’t child; A hope cramming the education, a hope to develop individual character and so on.

4, the way of the use of money

A saving, a waste, such as every month received utility bills, may save the party will have complained about:

Why always forget to turn off the lights? Why when brushing your teeth has been let water open? A you like buying the, another always buy the cheap one… The different with money, buying things different method of actually contains the values of the different.

5, and household

In fact not only including who should do the question how much housework, need more attention is some chores-such as a love lying around like that, a racks and racks are almost the same distance between hang; A what all the love, another magazine finish see it when trash away; Even small to squeezed on different, product small into big, such details, often become a big noisy too.

Other need to pay attention to the details of life also include: TV remote control; Diet (at dinner; whether drinking excessive noise, the food is to continue to eat overnight… especially now out or a car and more people, and the emergence of a new problem: as you drive, he is always on the side will guide (windbag)? He always want you in accordance with his drive route? It seems, learn to keep silent man, internal now is more and more rare.

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