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Co-habitation boyfriend took me to the sex party experience

I quit on the road of the study in Australia, male enhancement it is in this strange country,All natural male enhancement my life, my love has experienced a unspeakable pain.

That year I is second grade, to school abroad life to all and just, everything is full of curiosity. male enhancement pills reviews May is mother to it, I would often go to Chinese reading room sat a little while. One day, I am read a Chinese publications, a tall man suddenly sit to foreign around me. “Young lady, are you Chinese?” The man incredibly use Chinese asked me, though it is not very standard, but let me in a foreign country felt unprecedented kind.

I’m very friendly to answer: “be, I am from China.” But when I again in Chinese and talk to him, but he stare big eyes, a pair of very puzzled expression. Through the English conversation, I just know, this is the only thing he will speak a few words in Chinese, yesterday to learn, the reason is very simple, he estimates that I come from China, want to use my mother tongue and hitting on me to make friends with me.

At noon on the, we in the school restaurant for lunch. His name is rehoboam, from the Netherlands, studied engineering major. In his hometown to have a beautiful country villa, the front have a blue of the great lakes, parents have a divorce, but also as friends get together often.

We like to chat with friends, have a meal is about to end, suddenly he took my hand and said: “I don’t have a girlfriend?” I face a red, although I know that foreigners are very bold and open, but did not think of a meal time can have such strong hints. Rehoboam smile just really can’t refuse, I want to don’t own love really so come?

Before going abroad, the family constantly hand over to treat, love aspects must be careful. In fact I am a very traditional, go abroad before I had a boyfriend, but he we grow old by deserting our ideas, flatly rejected I call him further advice, flay we can hand. Boarding that day, he went to the airport to send me, my heart still has so little persevered, but think of the future of the life that he wants, I still very reluctantly give up, I said to him last word is “wish you happiness”.

I don’t know that he had happiness does not happiness, but the arrival of rehoboam made me feel unprecedented happy. And he knew, almost all of the lunch and dinner time, I with he together, the humor of the Dutch boy happy let me temporarily forget the body of the foreign alone. I thought we could have been so whom I can keep their bottom line, have never thought, this idea was soon a party upset.

One day, he to you be so misterious came to me and said to take me to a friend’s birthday party, also quietly slips me a gift. At that time, I was in class, the inconvenience apart, until the time after class, I ran to the leisure room a look, scared me, is a transparent bud silk underwear. Will he I put on the go to friend’s PARTY? The heart is confused, and when the phone is: “honey, remember the wear in it. 8 o ‘clock in the evening, I in the old place waiting for you.”

Although my in the mind some fear, vaguely some concern, but I still go to, and to put on the sex appeal that transparent underwear. Rehoboam smile as always charming, and as always gentle tone, this let me the one on the heart relax down.

“I think you have some tension and relax some, to drink.” He handed me a cup of fruit juice, I think he’s been drinking, so also drink down without thinking. Soon, I feel got a little headache, body also some fever, have a kind of unprecedented expand feeling. I suddenly realized what, want to leave in advance, but this time he has pulled me, he closely to hug me, kiss me, I’m out of breath, the in the mind some fear. These years in the domestic by traditional education told me to leave at once, but drugs have apparently happened in work, and that the hand of the lips and I find it hard to control your behavior.

And then I saw the let me a lifetime of the scene, the party all the men and women began to take off clothes, male of topless, only wear-pants, woman dressed in various transparent sexy underwear, all in the eyes of the cuddled together, music voice more big, someone calling, someone smile, someone in shook his head…

That kind of crazy and blurred before the lens in the movie I only see, today was my real life playing. I felt dizzy, disoriented, soon, my underwear also to be shown in the presence of all, I heard in and shout loudly: “today she is my Oriental bride, no one will be more happy than me!”

In the evening, I can’t keep their line of defense, and the first time I feel that tore heart crack lung of pain, when rehoboam not scruple to poke my body, I didn’t feel any joy, but the pain.

Party after the incident, I have for a long time can’t cheer up. Seems to be in a sudden, I suddenly find yourself, I went abroad to purpose what is? In the past absurd in the night, this section has let me to imagine of love to become suddenly flavour.

Rehoboam still continue to look for me. Email, phone calls, letters, he used the power to exchange for all my forgiveness. He constantly explained to me that is life, is the campus life is also part of the human life, but I still hard to accept.

And one evening, in the dormitory and the door so I, said someone wanted to see me, I hope I can get attendance, followed by a hair from the flower is have poise of middle-aged woman appeared. It turns out she is the mother and, to travel to Australia. She kindly pulling my hand and said: “my son told me he fall in love, fell in love with a beautiful girl, but the girl east always refused to him, so let me to help him up.”

In the side and our smiled and helpless appearance, in that moment, has long been plugging in my chest pass away with the stones of the ground. Subconscious, perhaps I forgave him, but do not have to convince myself. Today he put his mummy called, enough to prove to me is not a sex game, but the true love. Thought of here, I am happy to accept their invitation.

I also in the old girl naked before the heart: We Chinese are very traditional, especially for girls is concerned, the more value family, more eager to marriage, the more hope have a happy life. The mother and I speak and many, including her three times now and rehoboam the marriage and the father held by friendship. She told me, married life is ripe, sex, is the very important part of, if both sides feel happy feel love, will naturally into marriage.

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