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Can I regret after her boyfriend derailed

I am a 88 girl,male enhancement pills because of work in sales and from the family reasons, alone bear all the things, psychological age relatively mature, side people that I like 82 years or so.Best natural male enhancement pills I have a boyfriend, a long distance relationship together, in almost two years, life to me very care, psychological not mature, natural male enhancement pills like a kid, work does not claim to progress, and catch phrase is here, my income is his two or three times, so he will not worry about buying a house marriage, anyway, he felt that he couldn’t afford to buy a house. This is the reason we have been quarrel, but in life he did what all along I, also want to hand too much, not every time determination, after all do sales see more people, feel like him so honest men really running out. So basically we get along mode is I am a great woman, he is a small man, is not really I really want to do big woman, family environment and the reason of the father suddenly from the let me very insecure, has always been a in the struggle. Heart I still eager to have a mature person than I, like a brother or father love me. But besides his life outside took care of me, what all can’t give me, even he met things want me to explain and convince solve.

Two weeks ago, ran into the same area of the same building of different cells in a professional lawyer, was born in 78, had lunch together, he is more mature, I think hand over a friend is very good also, after all, can know a circle of people outside, chat about in the process, he spare life is basically to a nearby university play and reading a book, and, after a 30 can also sport to keep figure, read, keep learning, is I appreciate type. But I feel his words are ambiguous. Have been praised me for a good shape. I’m speechless, how men are so!

Last week met on some things work, under a lot of pressure, just back at work on the boyfriend be difficult with sb, to retreat, I’m very upset, and at night the lawyer call up and say, want to talk to me, then we will happen relationship, but I was very clear that he is a kind of acquisitiveness, compared with a 35 year old has the rich experience is a successful man, but I look too tender. Perhaps is to vent pressure, perhaps because the boyfriend was speechless for it, the heart tired.

But this past after that, I was annoyed, received the phone heart boyfriend will be very worried, think you did a very sorry he, feel oneself very shameless, it is dirty, a bath or think body all desperately is his taste, the whole thoughts in free, psychological burden is very big, try to make myself not to think about it. But to receive his message, but I have a little expectation, know a few days with you know to go to bed of man, in feeling is not what good man, at the same time with some woman ambiguous also maybe, he and I won’t have any results, but again a little bit in the community to run into him downstairs, and feel special sorry boyfriend, think of it psychological very sad, want to cry, do what all can not mention spirit, don’t know what to do?

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