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Bridal chamber night husband would rather die than I do not go to bed

“Husband, you how?”male enhancement pills It was my husband and I and wedding day,Best male enhancement reviews I am full of sweet and happiness.male enhancement pills reviews Can the husband suddenly don’t move, sitting in the place is far from me. I feel strange, called the husband a few time he not to come over. But under, I had to go to invite him. That is the bride? But I love the husband, don’t want to lose him.

“You don’t touch me. I don’t want to bridal chamber.”

“What? You don’t want to bridal chamber? That we” what married?”

“Don’t get married is to bridal chamber? I have not heard of.”

The husband exactly how? I really don’t know, is suddenly found himself did not know him.

Her wedding night will regret, then how did the day can? “Don’t make the husband, let’s hurry. Alleged does having a value daughter. Later be good.” But no matter what I call, the husband is to refuse to come over and I bridal chamber.

“Are you not love I?”

“No, I just don’t want to bridal chamber.”

“Marriage is not bridal chamber, the???????” I was very angry. The husband do this is clearly not love I, want to regret. How could I let he regretted marry me? He is a man, and I was a woman. And now I have the two months pregnant. He regretted how I do?

“Husband, you see it’s already late, let’s do the rest, miss opportunities can not well.” I still smiling coax him. Can the husband always ungrateful also don’t buy the bill. The head also don’t return went out, see him out, I really angry. Want to scold him. And don’t know scold him??????? The husband, you exactly how? Whether that is why?

Her wedding night husband don’t bridal chamber only motive is: he has someone else. Or he does not love the bride, or he didn’t want to bridal chamber, also want to do the boy? That he and the bride married? Why? Why get married directly to break up? So that is ruined the bride’s happiness, but also damage the bride’s love.

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