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Both sexes reading: what is stolen your pleasure(A)

The sex between men and women,male enhancement this is done to the death to fairy, top male enhancement often can be because of the differences between men and women, Best male enhancement reviews made the embarrassing things.
Sex differences rhythm
People of sexual desire is not a straight line, but the change of variates wavily, there are physiological cycle rhythms, sometimes high, sometimes low, called sexual rhythms. Research shows that sexual rhythms have gender differences, not the same as men and women.
According to the British scholar observation, his sexual rhythms to 15 days for a cycle, women with 27 days for a cycle. Every character in the middle of the day (circadian) cycle for the climax,, other time often in a relatively “low” period. Sex rhythm and other biological rhythms, from people born that day started running, and regularly continuance lifetime.
Men and women both parties because birth year, month, day is different, and the differences of rhythm cycle, very little can completely coincidence and synchronous change, appear husband and wife “always thought one place to” thing.
From the British scholar observation data, it is easy to see man (circadian) cycle of a short, a month to be able to have two times, orgasm, and women’s sexual rhythms with a long cycle, a month, only one individual character rhythms. Therefore, the man of sexual desire higher than women. Women often show sex apathy passive state, plus menstruation and factors such as the shy, even in the quarter, the law also easy to miss, thus the relationship to leave the shadow.
However, between a husband and wife aren’t entirely synchronous day. According to estimates by experts, the men and women of sexual rhythm, with 135 days about repeat, this day for both sexes, rhythm, also known as “love day”. On this day, the men and women of sexual characteristics can produce a kind of strong attraction, between a husband and wife “soulmate”, then will get high quality of her sex. All in all, know and grasp each other and their sex, rhythm, especially catch “love day”, is to keep the husband and wife love, sex life tends to favor one of harmonious MiaoJue.
Orgasm differences
Men and women both parties of the sexual desire launched there is also “time” and “sex difference”. Say first man, the sexual desire is always more strong, strong, sexual excitement more quickly, about 2 ~ 6 minutes and into climax, a “brief” of power. Women otherwise, their sexual desires generate slow, level is relatively weak, sexual excitement slower to appear, and more in more than 10 minutes reach climax and climax after coming for a long time, resolve also slower, often withdraw “battlefield” in her husband later still “boundless”. This is between a husband and wife and a difference: orgasm differences.
But, orgasms differences are not insurmountable “gap”. Sex experts for this dedication “daring” is: fully realize the sexual activity in this “male quick female slow”, “male strong female weak”, “male urgent female slow” phenomenon is a physiological phenomenon, can use “the first play of” the activity to be adjusted, if a husband with language, to talk and stroking, kissing the means such as sexual spouse inspired, and urges the sexual urge come faster, the husband is slightly more restraint, to his wife a little room, let both sides sexual impulse synchronization. As long as these ready to work well, husband and wife both reaching orgasm entirely possible.

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