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Both sexes art: women want to “steal to eat” seven kinds of situations

In the women’s consciousness depths, male enhancement pills more or less to sex will have unrealistic illusion, be in usually, men and women are not easily adventure, but in the external and internal conditions permit, Best natural male enhancement pills the probability of such things will be greatly improved.
Ten men nine flower, natural male enhancement actually woman also is so, just more implicative, men and women for the nature of affairs for money, power, sexual view is nearly the same, the only difference is only a chance and courage. Flower heart does not necessarily mean action, romantic compulsive person eventually is not much, but we face is after all a time…

A, encounter old flame
Smile is better than vinegar, old than new well. Married woman suddenly in a casual place once encounter loved it at the break up of the dim old, that really is like a revolutionary party suffered from the enemy’s tortured, what exactly is when FuZhiGao or when JiangJie all by personal concentration.
Here the “new” refers to the real state of marriage. The reality is the real and reveal a deficiency in the place, and discontent, they miss, even a fantasy that has a head but never end emotional journey how to perfect, deeply on the psychological state of the-this is undoubtedly affairs to the best in full bloom the flowers of soil. Old flame, contradictions also followed.
Critical condition: (1) husband just suddenly and violently dozen married woman to a good meal. (2) old urbanity and mature love is unforgettable. (3) the two were into the dinner and have a drink.

Second, the bar is a dangerous place
For men, the bar is a filter or camouflage apparatus, it can make a rough man seemingly grace; For women, the bar was the edge of emotion to cheng fang, and there is no doubt that is high incidence area of the affair. From the view of the woman in looks, the bar for the man often the following classic act: dangled the half a glass of wine, a smile from a bar up to another bar.
Generally don’t sit down easily, unless prey have indeed handcuffed. Even with the range of choice not enter lady also absolutely sincere talk patience. ShiXiaoFeiXiao corners of the mouth, the voice with magnetic, eye but god in his ambition-look a real affairs. Female people of this performance despite cried foul but still very easy to sink in. Bar-hopping woman in not crave everlasting, bar of the woman be very sensible. Such a affairs is not to need to open what reason.
Critical condition: (1) this man has a chow yun-fat the smile of the type. (2) or gao cangjian type the cold. (3) or GeYouShi humor.

Three, attractive middle-aged man
Attractive middle-aged man is a list of the train go around, want to fly the women want to take. Young men are green apple, middle-aged man is red apples, some hardware is middle-aged man peculiar: a certain reputation and social status; To calm rationally when the life; Women have to psychological nuanced understanding.
All these people middle-aged man is that servant of his key affairs object. Especially attractive middle-aged man. Of course this type of affairs than other types of more complicated. Women may be madly, men but half is sea water is half a flame. Almost certainly, in these feelings in the game, conspiracy and ignorance are often together. The last of the victim will surely is a woman, the last of the soulknife is sure is that of a face of innocence of the middle-aged. The woman I was having an affair understand you, you should guard!
Critical condition: (1) the woman from the lost a father. (2) the age 28 years old. (3) the man eloquent or silence is gold. (4) and had better claim to be a current marital status not equal to idea.

Four, male superior ah male superior
The inferiority of the female and male superior occurrence the romance also is a kind of affairs mode. You can be sure the affair has nothing to do with this power, although power plays a vital role in some time similar U.S. and NATO missile; Aggressive, arrogant and not reasonable, but after all the office affair or sexual harassment has nothing to do with.
Actually measure this special relationship between higher affair or sexual harassment is standard only a woman “you with me at less when Clinton” is sexual harassment, otherwise it is having an affair. Of course not all male boss may be the female subordinates affair object, this has nothing to do with male superior marital status, and with other people’s personality charm closely related.
Critical condition: (1) male boss just DiaoJin. (2) everyday pare off chin metal gray. (3) basically unsmiling, there are some mysterious feeling. (4) is the lady at the appropriate situation to be caring and attentive.

Five, the husband indifference or flower heart
So of the husband make wife occurrence affairs of all probability greatly improved. There are some revenge, have some grief, have some ambition. A phone call, a party, a met. What means or ways actually is not important, the important thing is the wife be as…….
The other party doesn’t have to be attractive but must considerate; Not necessarily successful but want to know how to care for; Not to show a girl a good time but must one-girl. At this time of woman’s looking for affairs is actually looking for ideal of love or lover. The man was having an affair is pressure upon; Such emotions too heavy?
Critical condition: (1) the woman love deeply a husband. (2) husband but game emotions. (3) in the a considerate, withsentiment man.

Six, love in a foreign country
In fact this is say a kind of particular timespace bottom possibility occurrence of affairs. Such as TV series “Broadway 100 number”, such as the play’s poems with gold and master. A pair of married women and men (lover is not each other), with a foreign country a roof, time is three years, affairs can not matter happen? Man may have physical loneliness than psychological, but the woman on the contrary.
Affairs to the eyes, but with the women of weakness is the painter gold master hold. So out of the countries of the woman had better choose to live alone. But alone will do?
Critical condition: (1) there is a student party. (2) time is the Mid-Autumn festival, the Lantern Festival or valentine’s day. (3) respectively of lover are not around.

Seven, the bad boy cool kid alternative boy
So of boy the young girls like, young woman even the middle age women may also like. It is said that now is a new era of a bad man. New bad men willing to responsible in the negative points when responsibility, in not willing to responsible time never injustice.
Women feel so of man is very kind, very true, not severe and solemn demeanor, then may produce
Close to desire. Cool kid is a woman “one night stands” best affairs object-but also only good for night time, time is long and cool into a paper tiger.
Additional kind man is playing with art, play the edge feeling. Might keep braid may TuPiao, may have the work may be unemployed, may be responsible may also be irresponsible–in this alternative boy and bad boy that makes no difference. Women on the individual character boy is having an affair to a feeling of emotional appeal or something, and the end, mostly’t escape from “light touch” four word.
Critical condition: (1) may sink into the woman had some adventure mental state. (2) may be unmarried. (3) may also be married but married life insipid like water.

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