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Bed five things most sweep women “sex”

The temperature will let her distractions

The university of groningen in the United States by sexology home was-tiger the leadership of dr, male enhancement pills a study has found the temperature inside the bedroom of her sexual desire and pleasure has a significant effect on the gain. Best natural male enhancement pills Through the survey found that, in less than 18 ℃ or higher than at 28 ℃, All natural male enhancement women are more likely to refuse to sex. Because not appropriate temperature will make her feel anxiety and dangerous, the brain will also is in nervous condition. , a woman needs a let her feel at ease, comfortable and happy environment, clean sheets, appropriate temperature will increase her sexual desire.

She’ll worry about their image

Research found that figure significantly increased the tacit discontent on women’s sexual anxiety. The researchers studied 200 women carried on the questionnaire survey, and the results have a third of women worry about naked body exposed his own shortcomings. Women need to praise, but don’t always said to her, “you are very sexy”, from detail her right now, smooth and delicate skin, attractive back… Little praise will eliminate her worries.

The noise made her uncomfortable

The Dutch researchers survey found that, the external voice will reduce the female sexual excitement degree. The noise of the TV set, a cell phone ring, a roommate’s interference, all is the need to eliminate hidden trouble. If you want to put on some music to add atmosphere, had better ask for her opinion.

She always think about to please you

When a woman always want a good performance, bring you good impression, but she may put his own sexual desire. The poll state university researchers asked 74 women to fill out a questionnaire about cognitive interference. The results found that those who always wanted to please each other’s women, the most when sex distraction, which reduced their sexual satisfaction, but also often disguise climax. Of course, this does not mean that he is a man of her sex, men, on the other hand, that she should relax and tell her “what also don’t want to, enjoy.”

Hear inappropriate praise

The woman in the bed during the most need sweet words, but the voice doesn’t mean waking cope with. If the praise of man in her does not accord with actual, are likely to make her heart discredited. Thus, men in praise her, should pay attention to her unique places-she’s XiaoWen, the lips of beauty and so on. With “you let me feel great” instead of “it makes me feel great.”

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