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Because I’m not a virgin husband and friends sexual abuse I ten years

Now I wander in the marriage intersection, male enhancement reviews the heart is very painful, don’t know where to go, please you your busy time gives give directions.
I got married ten years, there is a lovely son.best male enhancement My husband and I and is free love married, in and husband married before I engaged, he know, he said love I don’t care, but later because I’m not a virgin, he tortured my ten years.
He used to my temper, often for a little thing I opened my mouth wide and then scold to start work play, male enhancement I once asked him why he do this to me, he said I owe him, should be so him in return. And I listened to the timid character is to let his overbearing.top male enhancement reviews
Later he became frequent derail, an affair of woman one by one, the network reality has, and whoring gambling, last year because I delete him a net friend beaten once, because of his companions and a drink with singing, beaten once, then I dared not to tube he.
The mood is depressed when I met before first boyfriend, we chat on the Internet chat each other have good, I told him I had a bad, these a few years for the children has been settling, I just want to look for person to chat to the suffering of their own heart, and did not have to betray him, but he found my chat came close to killing me, just to I admit that turned against him. No thing killed me, and I will not admit.
So he will have more reason to go out and find a woman, but also a more insidious torture me, but I really can’t stand, two suicide could not become, because not put children.
Then I choose to leave home, I left, let his life desultorily, child does anyone care, no one bears the burden of responsibility of business to him for help.
The pressure of the life, the accused his relatives and friends he didn’t feel I do too much, so piteously entreat let me go home, for children I choose to forgive him, but I didn’t have my back imagination of so good, his bad temper or not to change, I don’t know what to do? From the bitter children, not depart from my own pain, what should I do?
Endure not all the life can endure things and their total for the pain of the results, and then go back to blame their own life, this is the mind of the woman, think oneself prisoners, and so he will become a prisoner, perhaps this is the so-called equality, called to pay a person back in his own coin, it just so so. Away from the family with pain, from the family is followed endure, the result is a pain to a pain for children is worried about a also worried that the next time, the entire family by living in fear, you feel you can be happy to which.
In a happy marriage, or very reluctantly, or a very thoroughly

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