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A woman gives birth to male born a male female orgasm three the truth

In order to understand principle, male enhancement we start from the characteristics of sperm. According to a study that found the sperm x and sperm y have different features.Top male enhancement reviews Best natural male enhancement pills The head of the sperm x bigger, large size, activity than sperm y slow, the tolerance of acid and the penetration of cervical mucus sperm y is strong, the life is long. Sperm y head small round, volume is small, sperm x than moving rapidly, but to acidic endurance and cervical penetration of mucus is weak, the life is short. Sperm less seminal y of the proportion of the low, sperm more semen high percentage of sperm y. According to these characteristics, through the measures of sex, can try to adjust the gender.

To the male, to sexual intercourse oviposit period (or insemination), which gives birth to the male, because sperm y a fragile, can not be like sperm x that long waiting for, and the nearly oviposit period, the thin cervical mucus, and partial alkali, on sperm y advantage. Instead, for the girls, should be apart from the more distant oviposit period for appropriate, at this time the cervical mucus sticky, and partial acid, on sperm y adverse, relative to sperm x tolerance.

Instead, if the woman did not reach orgasm right namely before ejaculation, criterion because semen acid secretion contact vagina, that part of the y sperm lose energy, it is possible to increase the chance of female foetuses. The posture of born a male sex influence of woman

According to the X and Y sperm and energy of the sperm of the genital tract of the ability to adapt to the environment different, can judge, sex posture and influence depth born a male female. If ejaculation shallow place, the sperm to the uterus of time longer; Instead, the ejaculation position deep, earlier sperm can to the uterus.

So, if the male, when sexual intercourse will semen shot to vaginal deep, and this helps the sperm in appear around the cervix Y, reduce it a long journey through the difficulty of cervical mucous; If you want to a baby girl, expels shot the vaginal shallow, intends to increase Y sperm long distance through difficulty, make X sperm are ahead, beat and with an egg.

Normal human daily produce sperm 30 million, sexual intercourse too frequently can make the sperm reduce, the proportion of sperm y low, sexual intercourse interval extend, can make the growing number of sperm, the high percentage of sperm y, so to the male, having sex interval to long, in order to improve the quality of the semen and concentration. To the girls, having sex interval need not limited.

The position of the different sex posture is born a male female method of influence.
Knowing ovulation, born a male control of woman

Close to ovulation days, cervix secrete alkaline mucus, so, at this time to get the vitality of sperm Y inspired, easy to a boy. From ovulation days more far, Y sperm in waiting will lose energy, and relatively more original X sperm, easy to give birth to girls. So want to choose a boy or a girl, the most important thing is to know your oviposit day, then can through the choice of sexual intercourse time to control.

According to the above discusses, want to have boy, should choose in ovulation, sexual intercourse. Want to have the girl is in 2 to 3 days before ovulation sexual intercourse. This is born a male female of basic methods.

According to foreign medical survey data confirms, man is weak in semen alkaline, his wife a boy, this is because sperm in alkaline environment y active exuberant; A weak acidity, the girls, for sperm x in acid increased activity in the reason. So, to a boy, should make body fluids keep alkalescent, but some alkaline food intake, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. If you want to give birth to girls, should be slightly make body fluids acidification, eating some more daily acidic food such as rice, fish, meat, eggs, etc.

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