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A woman can limit the pile by sex

From the point of view of the physiological function, male enhancement and ruled out any lesions and any special social situation (such as being raped, etc), so women’s sexual ability is almost limitless. She didn’t have the penis, need not like men do in order to generate and maintain the erection and tactful.natural male enhancement Especially women no physical “should not be period”, best male enhancement pills no sexual intercourse after the weakness. So she objectively can at any time for high frequency of sexual intercourse.

Also, women in the sex of the activities in the strength of the limit by physical strength only, but don’t like men do concerns the weakness of the penis.

In addition, the female body surface of sexual MinGanOu more than men more extensive, so she can objectively than men to transform more sexual behaviour of specific ways.

Finally, women can continuously to infinite many orgasm, and this is more men could comprehend.

Confucian and Taoist had found it. But in order to maintain the society at that time men center, they are so full of deep fear. Confucian advocates use the “woman asexual would be virtuous” to severely depressed women’s sexual ability, and that the man is with Taoist “cherish fine BaoShen” to the sexual capacity of infinite and women to compete.

The two sex culture traditions have deeply implanted Chinese women’s heart, the nature of women is seriously distorted and alienation. Make them in personal sex life always felt that the double sex oppression.

Before they start having sex, women often involuntarily think sex is the man’s patent, women should not be active to seek it. Even in more happiness in sex break through this kind of psychological resistance after, women can learn how to more fully enjoy yourself unlimited sex ability.

Unmarried women if could also aroused, sexual dream or sexual sexual response, another man in this name will be female, and other women that she is inevitable, “says fox”. The results, the female wedding night get into a “pass”, often bring a variety of unnecessary physical and mental troubles, even painful.

After marriage, the female sex is still considered the only service for her husband, seemed to be as long as her husband never refuse to sex requirement is with good sex of ability. If a wife could still need more orgasm, and I’m afraid the light will also be considered “greedy”. If the wife to propose some kind of your needs special requirements, the husband would probably think she “does not keep the duty”, or even follow investigation to ask: “you is who learn with?”

International feminist think: men and women’s sex is the homogeneous isomorphism, only for one thousand years of social always with male as the center, so make a variety of serious depression female sexual ability and sexual behavior cultural system. Women themselves were gradually training and training into “asexual”, and has not consciously, thought the woman inborn so.

Feminism think: women’s liberation and the equality between men and women must include sex, and must be returned female sexual physiological original visage, let the woman also and man, spontaneously, independently, conscious and self adjusting to fully enjoy themselves and with the ability to birth sex and sexual pleasure.

If women still can’t admit and use their infinite sex ability, she will not be in sexual life deserved equal status and independent right (not the right!) , it cannot in other aspects of social life get equal.

The past, we international women’s movement of the sexual theory is introduced too little. So in part of the Chinese women have culture it seems to mention sex drive is low-level physiological vulgar, love is denied the sublime, even as women. In fact just is in the full respect for female sexual ability and sexual rights culture, flying the flag of love than our higher. On the fourth world conference on women held, the more we should talk openly proclaimed the popularization and the deep sex knowledge, so that benefits to the Chinese every one of the sisters.

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