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A best story about between legs

“Is it safe here?” She asked sitting at the back seat.
“No worry, I do morning excises here every morning.” He answered and got into the car from the back door.

The girl was fear of any unexpected gang strangers around. They would get robbed or she would get raped.
Actually he did plan to take her home because his wife would be away the whole day. And the girl would have a part time job after 6pm. They would have 30 minutes to enjoy their affair. But unfortunately when he got home with his girlfriend, he found out his wife was back home already. Therefore he had to come here to make love with this girl.

He urged her to take off his pants while he took off his. At the mean time his penis became strong and hard. She hold it tight and started to give him oral sex.

“Have you taken my gift – male enhancement pill. It seems you are ready.” She asked.
“Yes, don’t you feel it is rocky hard and waiting for fucking.”
“I know,” she sit on his dick and let it full penetration while she is answering him.
Well, he was inside her body. He felt wonderful when his rocky hard penis kept fucking her.

Beautiful sex life

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