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47 years old zhang manyu close with the small card 7 years old German her boyfriend 30 years brokenhearted nine times

She is in the movie “goddess”, male enhancement but over the years, it is hard to in the big screen version search to her figure, except that year in “the city madly in love” in a few minutes of refuses the outer, top male enhancement reviews she almost only be seen in public welfare activities or the activities of the fashion scene.
June 1,, 47-year-old maggie cheung appeared in the Beijing some jewelry activities. Shape thin, ruthless years also in her face without a mark.best male enhancement reviews Although many years have not shooting, but maggie cheung denied that was even willing to. But, on the same day in the activity at the site, she had her first publicly announced himself and single, ended with small seven German architect boyfriend OleScheeren about 5 year’s feelings, speaking of break up reason, maggie cheung says is still gather from much less, this also is maggie cheung ninth brokenhearted.
[brokenhearted] nearly five years feeling eventually
“Now we are good friends”
The 47-year-old dating maggie cheung, her eyes only love, can sacrifice everything for love. In 2007, she love on German architect OleScheeren boyfriend, two people cling to, the more development to see parents relationship.
Because of her boyfriend work in Beijing, she is willing to give up everything, moved to Beijing and male friend living together. In order to strive for more time to stay in lovers side, she even movies don’t want to pick up, except in 2010 XiaYongKang cameo performance directed’s film “the city madly in love,” and other visiting a clip the waves all layers of all the next film she put off. But eventually the enemy but separations had to the relationship to an end.
In the June 1 at the met, maggie cheung said and boyfriend already break up over one month, now he already is single. Speaking of break up reason, maggie cheung says is still gather from much less. “This one or two year own rarely in Beijing, but a lot of things to do outside Beijing, everyone get busy living, boyfriend and must be in before Beijing, it is difficult to do all day together, we decided to separate talked about, I have a lot of what you should do, in addition to business, and my family in other place. In short, we are good friends.”
[attachment] never thought was even willing to
“Acting to see fate of”
For many years and have not shooting, maggie cheung become some from time to time the focus of the play characters, such as jia “during the qing dynasty” had announced that, hope please mountain goddess. And so far, she is in “negotiations” basic.
On that day, the media was even willing to ask if the cheung, has denied the claim. “In fact I really haven’t said that don’t play of, never said that was even willing to, but time passes quickly. A year again
After a year, also not deliberately so many years does not take sport, so everyone feel I is not acting, actually acting is to see the fate. ”
Maggie cheung said, in recent years, many find the script, “but is that a very sad, very sad, may you for those who play before I took the impression too impressive. Is pat cry play, but I don’t want to shoot for the miserable scene, I want to keep their own now pretty relaxed mood.”
[her] love extreme jobs
“They want to learn a lot of things”
Take sport and attend fashion activities, in the eyes of the cheung is a special like work. “I think each work need to pay, and with you chat in the desert took the feeling of flying action films are not the same. In fact two ways of work I like, especially filming an investment is another job is hard to replace pleasure.”
Maggie cheung from speech his job very extreme.
Today can appear in fashionable circle could also go to the countryside run tomorrow with the children play together. “Also has a lot of the things they want to learn. Music and so on, I became will soon, as it is today, tomorrow, but I like extreme. Because of this I do one thing every time will be input.”
Maggie cheung revealed that, in addition to attend fashion activities, will do charity, photography and music work, now more learned to cut pieces.
Bumpy road feeling
30 years, nine love story
-1983 ~ 1985 and designer boyfriend Eric after dating cohabitation, meantime Eric former girlfriend had pain v. Maggie cheung “dig people foundation” make Maggie stressed.
-1985 ~ 1987 Korean citizenship MarkKim fell in love with stylist,’s on-off didn’t officially three times over.
-meet ErDongSheng that two people fall in love, the next year she act ErDongSheng the director of “goodbye wang2 lao3 wu3” love is lifted, but dated three years to break up.
-1991-1993 to the United States to filming “the twins story”, during and art direction Hank speeding fell in love, don’t expect that Hank of two people who are in the journal public love letters, maggie cheung in shock.
-1993 and a real estate businessman SongXueQi dating, the second year the two people are in Mexico secret wedding, but by the end of the song will be out with that of the 10 million yuan to maggie cheung property investment losses after the light, after two people break up.
In 1995-and the former stylist SteveCheung dating, two people were found the Sting concert, because to Paris after maggie cheung development, and two people character are not fit to break up.
-1997 for making the French director zhang manyu phillippe g.schyns and azriel, o · the blurred hook “and fell in love, two people in Paris in 1998 marriage, marriage lasts only three years.
-2003 zhang manyu be critically and jade treasure table President GuillaumeBrochard dating, two of whom were taken overnight in the depression and Portuguese girlfriend of photograph, in 2007, two people break up.
-and Guillaume break up soon, Maggie, namely than her small OleScheeren the age of seven, the two men fell in love in more than four years, sometimes on marriage and break up news reported.
Maggie cheung “proverbs of love”
Love is selfless
“Ruan ling yu”

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