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40 richest take my first time the strong marry

He and I was in some friends met on the web site, male enhancement meet to now have a month and a half, I am 25 years of age, 165 cm, 50 kg, a top 500 white-collar workers. Best natural male enhancement He 40 years of age, 180 cm, 90 kg, a company President.

At the beginning I may be playing better margin “send chocolate” activities, Natural male enhancement accidentally sent the chocolate for him, and he, in response, left a phone number, said his work at ordinary times busy didn’t have time to get to the Internet, and that is really want to find a good home. I set down the number, night work overtime on the way home to send a text message to say hello to him, he also immediately responded to me.

The second day is on Saturday, a strange number interrupted my dream, he asked me to show that the identity and actively introduces his own family business, and so on, proposed to meet the day. I have a training company in the afternoon, he said he a branch from our office is two minutes before, I agreed. After the training I to he office, a big tall middle-aged man, he took me to visit around about his company, more than 200 ping, the office is very luxurious atmosphere elegant decoration, the chairman of the board of the last in his office and sit down.

He introduced their situation, heilongjiang province, mother died, his father and brother are all back home management his a branch. As a former soldier, then do the company, as the chairman, the office of personnel management office only place, in the other two local thousands of people are workshop; In this city has several properties, a car audi A6 car; He used to have a six years of his girlfriend broke up, not long ago seen a girl, but the other in other place, think unlikely, has so far is single. He hopes his future girlfriend can own clear clean and neat, but don’t too loud, have their own have to cause, best can open the teahouse club of what, he must will support, also will drive. And he is going to go to the United States checking, moved to the United States, in the future we hope to children born in the United States can accept education, etc.

I that day just come out from the office, light painting with a laptop bag, half business attire. He said to me was satisfied with the image of the temperament, most of the time are his own a person in said. After we leave their home, and in the evening he telephones to detailed descriptions of the dinner he do all the details and so on, and about the second day noon eat together.

The next day he sent the people to meet me, came to after the discovery that is a commercial party, was his business partners, that I’m sitting next to a more than 30 years old woman asked if I was the day before yesterday to their company for new employees. Afternoon they inside the company a few people to evaporate area, in the lounge they discussed an afternoon of work, he intends to register a new company. All night to go to his home, continue to discuss things of the new company. When we have left, he explained that this is to let me know about his work, understand his colleagues, no stranger to me. Because I didn’t agree to do his girlfriend, so he didn’t have to introduce me, and he said a lot of very sincere words, let me feel the present people very sincere, so at that time I will promise to his first with a look at. He immediately began to kiss me, is that very strong let a person can’t resist kiss. Then I’m hungry, he immediately to cooking noodles. I just sat on the sofa, he began to kiss me, still is that strong kiss, my resistance in this height 180 cm, 90 kg in northeast of China before the big man is so small, then carry me to the bedroom, maybe is nervous, maybe is my resistance, a word he didn’t get my body, then I insisted on home, he sent me down to help I stopped a taxi.

The next week he is greeting every day to send a text message, and then phone I said his company’s things, and so on. At that time we were just in time for the company to change its, often have to work overtime, first he also advised me not too desperately, attention body, then I have always been a complaint is so busy, how have the time devoted in the future, then advised me at home is better than get married and have children and so on.

Two weeks after the a Sunday afternoon, he told me before I go to the house of which the costume or dress now plan to let me over to help look at the office. I haven’t been to that area, then pass on, when he blew up on the phone and said I how so silly, he said many times how still wrong, he later whether I, how to get to my own. I can’t find his house to his downstairs it, he began to get angry questioned the world how to so stupid. I was angry about to leave, and he apologized to phone from the window for the directions to find his house. I endure depressed after upstairs question him, this area is my first time to join in, did not familiar with, you don’t come to meet me also so call names and no human nature. He kept apologize to me, explained that he at home to my ribs and go not open stew, the anger of a bit big. That day he’s a vice-president in the home to install desk, and the man left the after, he put up for good with my ribs to another decoration luxurious house dinner, and then let me clean up the kitchen table, and his home is up other place, also let me help and he spread sheets with bedding bag, say with me home to tidy up of husband and wife is together, and so on. The house has two room two beds, in my subconscious and I hope we each night alone a room. And after he pulled me into the wash the bedroom, I still resist, see me not cooperate, he is very angry said that even if, later also don’t contact, and then leave the bedroom, a short while and get back to me what’s going on, I told him that I was a virgin, I was afraid, now also don’t want to do. He doesn’t speak, forced entry. I cry of pain he just stop. That evening he a person in the sitting room sofa to sleep for a night, the second day morning to bedroom to call me get up, also help I prepared lunch, send me to help me downstairs stopped taxi to go to work.

The next day I was tired and sick, he called to say, just keep said let me have a good rest don’t too tired no guilt apology mean. Evening call to ask me about that, also told me he just did a man should do. Two weeks later he is busy with his new company opening it, he asked me if I had the interest to his company to help, I told him like now work, he is no more was said.

One day I send text messages tell him I their salaries, him Called to congratulate, and said the evening want to prepare a few good CaiBang I celebrate, promised to the second day morning to take me to the company. That evening he prepared for me for I love to eat vegetables, opened a bottle of red wine, ask when I am having a holiday, he will go to Korea to talk about business, I’ll let he go together, also took two copies of application form, let me see, I didn’t comment. The second day to rain, he told me it rains more accident-prone, he didn’t catch the driver’s license will be in trouble, he drove me to the side of the road to help I stopped a taxi. I was very angry, think he speaks a little not count.

One evening I work overtime, call him he is and friends to drink, by alcohol, he asked me, do you want to me? Think I where? Now are still at the company? You can be a good wife? I was speechless, hung up. Night after his return phone asked me, I exactly what is he, like him? He which good? Do you think that he’s nothing culture, look down on him, how should do? He is a man in here to do business, also no relatives, and no one can understand him, management of the company so easily? . I’m surprised the daily careless the big man, a often break up I hang off on the tip of my tongue, people will be so talk with me.

A Saturday afternoon I went to him that the office of the residential and commercial and play show him, I just made a good photo, he said like watching my dress professionally natural appearance, but those who dress pink department skirt etc all don’t like him. When his family had several talk about business partners, and he called for a few friends over, then begin at home to cook the dinner. His friend told me that they were going to want to go out for dinner, because I used to, so he just decided to cook at home. The evening meal when he when so many had asked me, like him? I don’t have a voice, he bricks, finally or his friend clears the for me. Then he asked me, he wants to tell the Spring Festival I go home together, all right? I still didn’t answer. Then he began to say, he tomorrow want to change a person, and so on. (this sentence has told me a lot of times) night, everyone go, he asked me, we get married in August, I still didn’t answer. (I think it’s a little bit too early, after all we know just a month). The second day early in the morning to do his breakfast and went out, a short while and one of his friends to go back to discuss business, and then he went to talk about business let him friends send me home, by the help he can buy me something of a box of rice, a bucket of soybean oil, a bag of apples) upstairs (before I told him of the weekend to accompany me to buy these things moved back home). He said his true friend in, so busy also go out early in the morning I made things done.

I call on Thursday said to have dinner with his family, he was called a vice-president, midway both of them have been talking about business, let me feel a lot over, and his colleagues also kidding asked me if I would only reading, others won’t. (this sentence must be he said) to eat a meal they continue to talk about things in the room, I see a computer in side. He let me keep the table clean it up, I find an excuse to push to take off with him. For a moment I use his computer in the office documents see me, as he gave me half joked to pour the tea side, or get a older people good, I also want to find a older people company, it is to serve. Night I do not regard his angry persisted in holding the quilt on the couch to sleep for a night, although the second day early in the morning he still call me get up on time and contact with the driver to send me to work, but I feel his attitude change much colder.

Objectively speaking, he has many advantages: smart and business, and love communication, can cook, organized and so on, but the disadvantage is obvious, like leading all that people should go to agree with him, all not equal to idea of time is easy to get angry export cuts. I’m not a bourgeois material female, I rely on our own efforts into the now this competitive big company, a personal lives in this city, usually chores are up, but each time to his house and saw him put everything to tidy up of neatly and, like the commands that I do something, I began to contradict the from the bottom.

1. A person with group of points, several times I hear his friend talking about so-and-so chose three rooms. Every time I hear this topic, and I can feel the rich man to marriage to love the ignored and don’t respect. Every time I to his house for dinner time, his phone is always a lot, several times he deliberately not answered. And I know that they are often in and out to dinner party at ordinary times embodies some places. Although he told me, he played many characters but he knows what he’s doing. I don’t know the answer of the authenticity of the how many?

2. I am a conservative girls, and he knew that I was a virgin, still forced entry, later I was so painful cry, hope he in the side to comfort me, but that night he was a person running on the living room sofa stay one night, why not accompany at me nearby comfort me? Later is advised me and he lived together in my company accessories or hire a better house live together, but also with my life in the explanatory couples is very important for the body also is very good, we need to work together to harmonious, etc. I should agree to and he live together?

3. Have second weekend afternoon he let me go to his house to play, I have something in the outside, and then he say that he with my friends to go to the seaside to eat seafood. Hung up the phone soon after I began to abdominal pain, the big aunt came, it pains me to walk the road, call him let him come to meet me, but he excuse would not come too far way. Want to know I all sit for an hour bus to his house… Weak, the most easy to lose hope, at that time, I was on his disappointment came on top of the world. And he always interface at ordinary times long journey, he has no driver’s license interface refused to send me home. What is he didn’t care enough about me or because I have already been used the selfish?

4. Finally, we all know more than a month and he in for the status of the website is still a “friends are advertising,” I’m surprised he peacetime to my statement.

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