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30 years old, but with higher 18 years old aunt love the inseparable

I am a physiological,male enhancement pills psychological normal men, the real good friends is not much, all natural male enhancement they were really surprised me, a often let me is not open around the question is: why do I will fall in love with the mother’s girlfriend? Speaking of the absolute privacy, top male enhancement still must go back in high school at that time. The relationship between the mother and aunt come from, I don’t know, just know I’s line of sight, than have this since I want to call her “aunt” woman.
Aunt ratio I big for 18 years old, he looks very beautiful, would dress up, and a soft hatred with woman flavour. Her mother and I very much better they friendship, than my mom sister still close.
I do not know how the case, every time she came to my house, I’m so happy. After entering university, I started having a girlfriend, but often happen intimacy behavior, I will think of aunt, to her that cannot tell DaoBuMing special affection, seems to fill up my mind all soft feeling area.
After graduation I enlistment and forces from their hometown where only half a day trip, the aunt often follow my parents came to see me. From then on, I a lie to go to bed, when the aunt emergent fantasy objects. After retiring from army I to shantou work, weekend back to chaozhou. On the surface, rest, actually is to see aunt.
Aunt’s house is a jewelry store, I went to see her on time, ask her to have dinner with her. And she seems to have “wait for me” the tacit understanding. Our good relationship to no words do not say. Aunt beauties are often ill-fated, her husband outside a few, often not go home to sleep, one woman is usually come to buy her a denizen of jewelry. Aunt took the husband can’t, this let I pity, very helpless, very anxious to take her husband when dog play! When her husband more and too much, she every day to call me, to my shoulder. Every time I hear her cry, I really love dearly, it’s going to hold her impulse. I know her personality is gentle, not love noisy quarrel. The cleaning off, is I give her to go to the sea, all the way she hugged me, let me very feel, at that time I think: I really like her.
Had that relationship after, I took her to the shantou place, secretly cohabitation up. With her sex, not just happy, more is optimal and. She married, is of the same age with mom ripe female, do up special high! For me, this relationship beyond my heart can bear of pleasant sensation, let me more want to her. In fact I disposition has rebellious factor, true love up, what scruples were I leave. For example, and said, go shopping with her clean clothes, I can open, holding her hand and told her not to care about what the eye.
Of course, each other’s family all don’t know our relationship. Communication has 3 years, her relationship with my mother still warm and affectionate. I work out very free, parents will not involved in my life. Although I 30 years old, but still no plans to get married, on this problem, my parents always make me, but I left ear listen to out the other ear, is all don’t pay any attention. Mom know that I have a girlfriend, but will not have compelled me to take home. And only one aunt only daughter, a boyfriend, there’s less time with her; She and her husband let alone, each tube of each.
In a terminator at leisure, I also think if I have a “Oedipus complex”? But it seems not. I have paid two girlfriend, with all of my age, I do not love that kind of relationship. They clearly is not independent, the but again habit I pressure, this kind of contradiction I can’t stand it. Aunt is different, she did not have to rely on me and know how to maintain relationships. We from appearance to personality, a little distance also have no, have a plenty of differences in outlook, but this can communicate. To me, the age that’s ok, love is feeling. Time to feel, all and we can together. She is very satisfy my, I can also meet her, each other more intimate feel harmony. I feel so good. She could feel married, to stick to duty, but her daughter more boom, know her dad’s infidelity, and encourage her to find their spring.
As for the future, I didn’t think so many, more indulge yourself. A few times we when together, I joke with her about said: let’s first boat ticket on again, you first conceived and bore m a cook mature rice, my parents should can find no way out. Can be very wise aunt, she seriously refused to me, she said the sentiment, do not think too much, also do not had, if two people even now are not happy, and plan for the future not sit on the blade, watch a mirage?

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