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28 BaiFu beauty are DaoTie prick why silk male

The feelings of the world just like that, male enhancement you think not partial may happen, it must happen. You don’t have surprised, because, the world is so, so don’t bother if you would, male enhancement pills reviews it is still in follow their incredible track in motion.
She, ZhangLeLe, 28 years old, enterprise executives class, typical of the BaiFu beauty, picturesque beauty. And the second generation born in the family, natural male enhancement pills and my father is a province of the transit authority, the mother is a city of talent to do, from a young family circumstances is superior, the time go to school, when others were still for a brand new phoenix brand bicycles and complacent, she had for transportation, behind a level with uncle steward.
So, when her university classmate see President a series of novel, the heroine in how life of luxury grandiose, a surprised one of the first, and said, how could it be? How is that possible? ZhangLeLe raise the corners of the mouth; it’s not possible, like this way of life is not her from the village inside city was admitted to the national famous beautiful courtyard of the student to experience. Besides the real rich life is not written in the book that the novel that call extravagance and waste.
ZhangLeLe since the childhood to the poor standard strict demands on themselves, because she doesn’t know rich only three, or thrift is going to be flat broke. Meet the LiWeiWei in time, the darkness of a torch moment lit up her eyes, she seemed to see from him another himself, she found that heartache feeling. More precisely, is ZhangLeLe LiWeiWei body found in certain personality to all sides, for example, will want a bowl of rice, two dishes, are scrambled egg with tomato and fish pork; In the process of eating, will put out on the table in clean rice with your chopsticks add up and put it in his mouth; After dinner like chewing a piece of mint gum, sitting on the steps of the playground together looked up at day…… These all let ZhangLeLe think, he is he was looking for that person.
Levy of the growth of the ZhangLeLe peacekeeping background is strongly on the contrary, he is the typical “prick silk male”, after a long face the public and threw it in the street you will not recognize; And live in the countryside, parents have migrated jobs, and he grew up with grandparents, is left-behind children; Even more important, he know five hair moneys of use, that is two small steamed bun, if add five hair will add a pack of pickle. So, in the face of the whole dormitory move, under the bed cape corner some woolly he collected, and he doesn’t feel do these very drop. Instead, he thinks this is a meaningful and happy things.
But he and low self-esteem, and he clearly know ZhangLeLe interested in him, but he is always guts, because he knows that “don’t deserve”. Each time, ZhangLeLe after rice ran straight to his direction came, he hurriedly bowed his head. When takes a seat in the chair opposite him, ZhangLeLe generous says hello, hello, classmate, don’t mind if I sit here, you see, no seats around now. He looked up quickly before around, indeed, only their opposite is empty. The food of the HuaiGuiTai, to tap your dishes, ZhangLeLe after him, hello, classmate, your money away. He turned, that is not his living expenses of this month? 300 yuan, has just made from the bank, the money is warm. LiWeiWei is full grateful, suppressed along while, to say, or, another day I treat you to dinner.
The feelings of the things sometimes is a misunderstanding, plus a misunderstanding, misunderstanding repeatedly, contributed to the only.
ZhangLeLe think he shy, and simple, is not very talkative, sedate and easy, so after graduating from college, I have an established template, and that is LiWeiWei. Frequent mutually close, to her feelings in addition to with a cup of coffee and a latte, some cream, some sweet greasy, some less and more birth outside bitterness, men by the as the traffic outside French window of general advertising, dazzle bright shining sped by. Until LiWeiWei meet again, she is almost can’t wait came up.
Locate the levy court after graduation, because professional not outstanding, the family have no background, so experienced “north drift” “down”, this is fragile heart as frost played eggplant, more wither son unbearable. Later, cry tired he then, think college students is really a satire, so when he again to apply for a job, he said he was graduated from high school, he wants to do less than the best, then from the most bad start it. He became a painter, when he saw ZhangLeLe, he want to choose way away, but ZhangLeLe enthusiasm is like a piece of shine on a demon mirror to let him DunShen everywhere.
ZhangLeLe found at this time of LiWeiWei more cute, a famous university can be put down from a tiny figure workers do, from scratch how much courage and perseverance ah. She returned home, immediately put LiWeiWei said to the parents, little of course not some deliberately beautification……
So, finally ZhangLeLe and “prick silk male” LiWeiWei fell in love, with the aid of ZhangLeLe the stage, LiWeiWei successful with his role, and more skillful acting, he is the step by step toward successful start.
The story had said, actually very simple.
Suggests a rich beauty who can’t fall in love with poor short to rub, in my opinion, two different life, just as two different flavors of sauce, as long as a good modulation, will have a different taste. Besides, you don’t try, how do you know that can’t? Might is an extraordinary stimulation experience!
Seen too much failure feelings, Lin Lin always said a lot of doesn’t fit, so I if the world only a man and a woman, how to do? Combining only. Premise, you can go to dead, must go to life. Of course, that can only be assumption, in fact that is only a truth: stuck-up silk male have their spring, if meet her, is to love, just prick silk male need not humbled themselves, don’t be dismayed, everyone’s taste different, just like you is her that mobile shout……
I’m proud, I am stuck-up silk male, I am who I am.

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