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Male disease was caused by in vitro ejaculation?

Contraception is husband and wife life an inevitable topic. male enhancement pills reviews The correct contraceptive methods not only rise to family planning effect, can sometimes like condiment, all natural male enhancement to bring a new sex of husbands and wives. And the wrong method that could lead to accidental pregnancy, still can bring out a lot of male diseases.
At present more contraceptive method is used condoms or oral contraceptives. Some men are not used to the condom friction feeling, some women don’t like to eat prophylactic,best natural male enhancement pills so a husband and wife, to consult with the choice of in vitro ejaculation or safety period and contraceptive method. male enhancement These seemingly “effective” method, not only safety coefficient is low, improper operation is easy to cause of accidental pregnancy. In addition, the in vitro and long-term ejaculation, may cause sexual dysfunction, pelvic and prostate inflammation by disease.
It is to point to in the in vitro ejaculation sex close to orgasm, is the moment of ejaculation, artificial interrupt intercourse, vaginal discharge in women out the practice of semen. The whole process of the male sex, is under the control of the cerebral cortex, through the nerve-the adjustment of the endocrine system, through reproductive system and whole body more systems in a series of tense and orderly organs of the chain reaction and complete. In close to orgasm suddenly interrupt intercourse, make the chain reaction to an abrupt end, can cause brain cortex and lumbar di ministry function in the central ejaculation obstacles. As time passes, easy to cause the functional not ejaculation disease, erectile dysfunction. And, long time forced to endure the fine don’t shoot, may lead to lower urinary tract and pelvic floor coordination function obstacle. If appear bladder neck function disorder or posterior urethral functional obstruction, may lead to retrograde ejaculation, can also cause pelvic congestion and prostate, appear prostate infection and chronic pain syndrome basin.
In addition, the use of in vitro ejaculation or safety period contraceptive, both sides of husband and wife often worry undesired pregnancy, spirit of high tension, anxiety long-term, psychological get bad stimulation, enable the main excited, especially orgasm experience affected. The long go down, and may lead to both sides of the apathy.

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