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Four secret of the physiology of the vagina

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It is very fragile and need to be doubly care: the vagina is short and wide with the outside world, but also blood discharge and sex channel, easy to damage and cause bacterial infection. In addition, vagina, urethra, anus close to the bacteria pollution and invasive, so the incidence of female urinary tract infections than men. For women, genital cleaning is very important, and frequent cleaning will result in the vagina acidic environment is destroyed. The smart way: once every morning and evening cleaning.

That is the origin of life, should not and need not fear dodge like everything under the sun of prosperity. The right to speak of vaginal sex vocabulary revived. A

Woman private part of the investigation has concluded that: 77% of women will be carefully observed through the mirror of their own private parts, 53% of women willing to discuss with him the use of this zone. The frustrating fact: 45 percent of women do not know about the parts of the health secrets.

It is not just a channel: put it plainly, this is a dead end. You need not worry about the hemostatic pad, Condom, supplies and other objects in the vagina mysteriously disappeared, eventually all the way to arrive in the uterus. From the anatomical point of view, the cervix is ​​a reliable quality and the door between the uterus and vagina, the cervix is ​​not completely closed, it has a very small opening, just let the menstrual blood flow to the vagina and excreted, timing dirt for body waste discharge gate. In addition, it allows semen into the uterus, reserved for the success made the interface.

It sometimes sweating: this magnificent flower, buried a large number of sweat glands, to ensure that you exercise, the process in a timely manner to maintain normal body temperature through evaporation of sweat. In addition, when female sexual desire has been to arouse the vaginal wall of blood vessels expand, secrete mucus (lubricants), which is commonly referred to as “sweating”. The level of mucus secretion and sexuality are not closely related, some women only need a very light degree of stimulation to secrete large amounts of mucus, some female sexuality rising genitals is also just slightly damp. Mainly to see you and your partner, foreplay techniques whether familiar, whether distinct rhythm.

It has a superior coefficient of expansion: it has a powerful expansion coefficient, a survey conducted in 2006 shows: the vagina in the opening of the Director of 6.35 cm, 2.54 cm wide. Of course, this data is measured in the stationary state. When female sexuality is high, the diameter of the vaginal wall to swell to 5.08 to 7.62 cm elongation of about 15.24 centimeters – a process that is like a balloon inflated, even if your partner is gifted, with a large number of biological weapons smoothly into your body, and smooth the way. In addition, when women in childbirth, the cervix and vaginal ligaments become soft, make a baby of about 10.16 cm head through the vaginal cavity. Four weeks after childbirth, the vagina will gradually shrink. For most women, it is difficult to restore to the prenatal shape. However, long-lasting sex make the vagina to maintain flexibility.top male enhancement reviews
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